Gratitude and Support for the Overlooked

Popping on to share a few ways to express gratitude for and give support to the overlooked blessings in our lives and people in our world. (All links in my bio or on my blog)

A few weeks ago, I was feeling really frustrated and decided to shift my focus to gratitude.

I sat down and did one of my breathing techniques for 5 minutes.

Then I asked my angels “What do I need to be grateful for right now?”

This is what I wrote:

I am grateful for my health, my neighbors, the pocket doors in our house (funny!), our backyard, our clean house, watching movies with Matt, playing Twister with Simon and Isaak, good friends, family, my Mastermind For Success class, my breath, my pajamas (love them!), our library, wifi, the internet, learning how to manifest good things with more ease, my body, my time on earth, my connection to the Divine.

Wow! I felt a huge shift.

What stood out the most were the things like the pocket doors that I often overlook.

When we found this house, those doors made me feel fancy and unique. As I was closing one that day, I remembered how much I love having them. It was a simple moment of focusing on something I am grateful for and it immediately shifted my mood.

That shift helped me see the other things that were bothering me in a different light. When I tend to my vibration like this, a peaceful feeling comes over me and solutions appear.

Now it’s your turn! Try to find some often overlooked things in your life to express gratitude for over the next few days. 

Enjoy how it feels.

I am aware that my list of things I get to express gratitude for in my life showcases my extreme privilege.

I always want the good things in my life, including time and money, to be shared as much as possible.

So, I am sharing a few ways to support people that often get overlooked in our communities and around the world.

Feminine Hygiene Drive – I never really thought about what it would be like to be homeless and to get your period until this last year. My group Conversation in Action has partnered with Dsquared Homes for the Homeless to help provide this for the local homeless community in the Phoenix area. You can donate here: Amazon Wish List or drop off at The Vintage Arcadia through Friday.

Adopt a Widow and Her Family for Christmas – Widows in Nigeria live on the absolute fringe of society and struggle to feed their children. My group Conversation in Action has partnered with Sunrise for Rural Dwellers to help provide food for the holidays and hopefully have enough left over to get a tractor for these women to begin to work the farmland that has been donated. You can learn about this project and donate here:

Thanksgiving History Lesson – I have spent this year trying to learn more about the overlooked history of Native Americans. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to share this article from Time Magazine about the history of the holiday: Thanksgiving History Lesson. Because sharing knowledge is as important as sharing time and money.

I am so grateful for our connection. I hope the rest of your week is filled with gratitude for all of your blessings including the overlooked ones.

Introducing: Tend To Your Vibration – a guidebook

Tend To Your Vibration a guidebook

Take a moment and sit up tall, do some shoulder rolls, and take some deep breaths through your nose. Now imagine white light all around you and envision an animal next to you as your guide. Finish by saying something nice to yourself and smile.

Notice how you feel. Hopefully, you feel a little bit better than you did before. Enjoy these feelings. This is an example of tending to your vibration.

Your vibration is your emotional energy. Your vibration changes depending on how you feel and what you are focusing on. Your vibration is high when you are feeling good and trusting that life is working out for you. Your vibration is low when you are criticizing yourself and feeling stuck.

Your emotional energy acts as a magnet that draws more of what you are feeling into your life. Your vibration is created by you, your thoughts, how you feel physically, and what you spend time focusing on.

Basically, your thoughts create your emotions which create your vibration. When you tend to your vibration, you can begin to truly enjoy each moment while creating a life you love.

The word “tend” means to care for, look after, or give one’s attention to. This guidebook will help you tend to your emotions, environment, and vibration like you would a garden or your home. You will do this using nature, breath, thoughts, imagination, and energy.

The techniques shared are simple ways to help you enjoy life more and draw more things to enjoy into your life. They are a mix of my creations, ancient techniques from my yogic studies, tried and true life coaching exercises, along with energy work from my experience as an intuitive mentor.

You will become a magnet for your desires.

Tending to your vibration looks different for everyone. I share what has worked for me. Along the way, you will discover what works for you. All of it will help you become a more authentic version of yourself.

You will learn how to empower yourself and shift your energy to a higher vibration. If you commit to working on the tips and exercises, you will feel a massive positive shift in the flow and experience of your life. 

This work will help you enjoy life more and feel more confident in the choices you make. I am not saying you won’t have bad days. It’s important to feel all of your feelings.

The goal of the work I am sharing is to help you learn how to handle the ups and downs of life with more grace and ease. You will bounce back quicker and learn to catch yourself going negative faster.

You will learn how to tune out the world around you and tune into your inner wisdom. You will have the resources to change your mood, your thoughts, your breath, and your life.

Your life might change, or you might change how you look at your life. Or both! Either way, you will feel empowered by the work you do and happy that you have committed to bringing positive change into your life.

Take a moment and thank yourself for taking this time for yourself.

You might want to create a special place in which to do this work. This could be a room, a chair, a nook. Maybe just a basket or tray that will contain the tools you want around you as you work through this guide like candles, matches, incense, essential oils, etc. Make it yours.

You might like to get a journal to write down your reflections and responses or use the printable worksheets I created for you by visiting the Book Bonus section on my website.

There is a positive affirmation at the end of each lesson that you might like to incorporate into your life or possibly repeat when you are practicing the lessons. Notice the ones that make you feel really good and repeat them often.

Have fun with this guide! Think of it as a toolbox you can use to help you get unstuck, pumped up, relaxed, goal-oriented, and so on.

When you are first starting, you might like to keep your efforts private or share them with the world. Honor your feelings around how you share the time you take for yourself.

You will have different needs at different times, and this guide will feel like a comforting space to come back to help you tune in and remember who you really are.

Get ready! I hope you enjoy this journey of creating positive shifts and receiving abundance in every area of your life by tending to your vibration.

You are worthy of enjoying life, feeling good, and manifesting your dreams!

xo, Kerry

Tend To Your Vibration – a guidebook is here!

Here is what is new in this latest edition:

  • New title: Tend To Your Vibration (this is the original title I wanted so I am super happy for the opportunity to update it!).
  • New cover: Floral design by Kristen Fagan.
  • New size: The guidebook is now 7.5 x 9.25 instead of 8.5 x 11.
  • Edited introduction: The content above is from the new intro
  • Additional page of essential oil rituals: Also added to the bonus section for those that own the first edition!
  • Removed the words smudge and sage from the Clearing Your Space with Smoke and Sound lesson: I suggest rosemary, garden sage (different from white sage), and lavender.
  • Updated Bibliography and Recommended Reading: Which is available to see below.
  • New price: It is now $22.99.

Thank you so much for your support! This journey has actually helped me create a better version of my book that I am really confident about. I love that the universe brought me to this moment. I look forward to tending to our vibrations together!

Important Changes to my Free Spirit Guidebook!

At the end of last year, a local Indigenous artist reached out to me about mentioning sage in my book and using dreamcatchers on my cover. We ended up having a very informative conversation over Instagram about cultural appropriation and how I can be a better ally.

I wanted to let you know that I did a ton of research and started donating 5% of the profits from the guidebook to the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation. It was never my intention to share any Native American practices in this book so I have decided to change the cover and remove the words sage and smudge. 

When I started updating the book, I also decided to remove a quote from Yogi Bhajan, a Kundalini yoga teacher whose sexual abuse scandal came to light after I originally published the book.

Let me tell you that when you go back to make a few changes in a book, you find a lot more that you want to change. Lol! 

So I have done a revamp of the book, the cover, and even changed the name. This will be revealed soon so stay tuned!

If you have a copy of the book, I want you to know that the intention and energy are the same. I also want you to know that a portion of your sale went directly to the Ojibwe tribe. It means the world to me that you own this.

***If you would like a discount on the copies I have left for yourself or as gifts, here are your options:

Local? You can pick up copies of the book for $10! Just hit reply to schedule a pick-up date and time in the Phoenix area. Click here to purchase. 

Online? You can order copies for $14.00 which includes shipping in the Continental United States. Click here to purchase.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and I look forward to where this new energy will take us!

You can learn more by reading this post I shared this summer called The Problem with Using White Sage. I have updated the book to suggest rosemary, lavender, and garden sage.

Create a Harvest Moon Playlist

With the Harvest Full Moon happening next Monday, September 20th, I thought you might like to create your own playlist of music to help you enjoy this special moon.

If you get a chance to see the Harvest Moon rise it usually looks huge and orange. I’ll be teaching a class at @swiha at the time and am thinking about inviting everyone outside on our dinner break to check out the moon.

Anyway, a few years ago, I made a Lunar Playlist and shared it on my blog. It has all of my favorite moon songs. There is also a link to Spotify playlist.

I just learned that you can make playlists on YouTube too! This has probably been a thing for a while but I guess I didn’t need to know about it until now.

So if you go to my playlist on YouTube, you can save which songs you want and create your own playlist to play on nights when you are intentionally connecting to some lunar energy.

Here is the link to how to create your own playlist on YouTube.

Just want to check out the songs or listen on Spotify? Go here:

If you have songs to add, I would love to know what they are. Hit reply or tag me on social media.

Check out the Living by the Light of the Moon Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook for more ways to tune into the phases of the moon. 

Happy Harvest Moon!

Free Spirit To-Do List

You might not always associate Free Spirits with to-do lists but if you have read my Free Spirit Guidebook then you will have learned that setting time aside to tend to yourself regularly can give you a level of freedom that you have never felt before.

With my kids back in school, I have been playing around with a semi-daily to-do list that I made for myself and I thought you might enjoy using it too.

I say “semi-daily” because each personality is different. You might like this daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly. Whichever one suits you, I hope you enjoy this list and guide below!

How to Use your Free Spirit To-Do List:

  • Date: Add the date here (this takes the pressure off of having to do this every day if that is not your jam)
  • Moon Phases: Check in on what phase the moon is and write it in this space. Bonus: Check the Living by the Light of the Moon Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook to help you create rituals or actions to do during each phase) or use this blog post as a guide: How To Connect to the Moon Phases.
  • Check Boxes: Breathing, Exercise, Meditation, and Vision Board are 4 things I recommend doing as much as possible.
    • Breathing: You can find breathing exercises in my Free Spirit Guidebook and also on my blog here:
    • Exercise: Any type of movement that makes you feel good like dancing, yoga, or a walk can count as exercise.
    • Meditation: You can practice your fave form of meditation, or sit for a few minutes after breathing as your meditation, or listen to the ones I have added to the bonus section online of my Free Spirit Guidebook, listen to these on my blog:
    • Vision Board: Spend a few moments in front of your vision board on a regular basis feeling like all of it has come true. Use the lessons in the Working with Your Thoughts section of my Free Spirit Guidebook to help you manifest it into life. Don’t have a vision board? Here are some tips:
  • Water: Did you know that you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day? I added the average of 8 glasses here even though I personally have to drink more. (Let me know if you want a version of this with more glasses). You can cross the glasses off or color them in with a blue colored pencil. Such a fun way to keep track of water consumption. Drinking water will help you in every area of your life. I promise! 
  • Crystal: Pick a crystal to work with either daily or for a bit of time. You can write down the crystal in this space. I like to either pick one I am drawn to or pick one based on the energy associated with it. You can find out more in my Free Spirit Guidebook and also in this post: Pick and Crystal – Mini Reading.
  • Intuitive Hints and Synchronicities: If you start doing this work on a regular basis, then you will start to see evidence of your dreams coming true and receiving guidance in your daily life. It is so important to record these moments as proof that your efforts are working and to keep your vibration at a level that keeps manifesting more of what you want. I also carry a little notebook around to write these down on the fly. This is inspired by most of my Free Spirit Guidebook but especially the Have Fun & Draw In lesson.
  • Card Pull: I love pulling a card a day after asking “What do I need to know right now?” You can do this at the beginning of the day and reflect back later or do it at the end of the day and notice what comes up. You can also use the printable oracle cards from the online bonus section of my Free Spirit Guidebook. They will give you guidance on which lessons might have to most impact on your life right now.
  • I am grateful for: Lastly, it feels so good to express what you are grateful for on a regular basis. Bonus: What to really feel good? After you write what you are grateful for add “because” and then finish the sentence. This amps up the feeling of gratitude which makes your life that much more enjoyable.

Whew! I promise it won’t take you as long to fill this out as it did to read all of this. Lol! I hope you enjoy bringing this activity into your life.

I made a pdf with two copies on one side. You can print on both sides if you want to print a bunch and like to save paper.

Enjoy free spirit!

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