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Workshop: How To Create Your Own Rituals

It is ritual season! Well, it always is but we have so much coming up in the next month and a half.

In September, we have a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th and Fall Equinox on the 22nd. Then in October, we have 2 full moons! 2! One on October 1st and one on the 31st. A full moon on Halloween! I love it! There is also a New Moon in Libra on October 16th.

So many opportunities to gather your supplies and shift your energy! To help you make the most of this season, I am hosting an online workshop called:

How To Create Your Own Rituals

Learn all about the supplies, timing, place, deep work, and intentions that go into creating personalized rituals. I’ll also show you how to use my Free Spirit Guidebook to create rituals (This will be a bonus so no need to have the book for the workshop).

We will talk about crystals, lunar phases, essential oils, breathing techniques, meditations, seasons, elements, and more so you can create your own rituals throughout the year to help you live in your most harmonious life flow.

  • When: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
  • Where: Zoom – Link will be sent out after you register.
  • Time: 5:30pm (PST- Arizona) – 6:30pm (MST) – 7:30pm (Central) – 8:30pm (EST) 
  • Length: The workshop will be about an hour with half an hour after for questions.
  • Supplies: Bring what you have when it comes to crystals, essential oils, incense, herbal bundles, candles, chimes, oracle and tarot cards. Plus, a journal to take notes. Plus, your copy of my Free Spirit Guidebook (optional)!
  • Cost: $20 suggested (Pay what you can, no judgment!)
  • Payment: Venmo: KerryBurki – (put email in comments) – Paypal:

Once you have signed up, I will send out a confirmation message. Then you will receive the Zoom link and a worksheet the day before the workshop.

*If you prefer a different time or would like this to be a workshop you can take online at any time, please hit reply to let me know.

**If you want to come with a friend or two, feel free to forward this along.

Let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to this so much!

Pisces Full Moon Ritual

Next Tuesday, September 1st is a Full Moon in Pisces.

This is a time for celebration and gratitude.

Below is a ritual from my Free Spirit Guidebook.

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Find time on the night of the full moon or the 3 days before or after to do yoga poses, breathing exercises, say affirmations, or light candles.
  • Express gratitude for your life and your intention or project at this time.
  • Take note of any manifestations or guidance that have shown up so far and celebrate.
  • Possibly journal about thoughts, emotions, or ideas to help you get even more guidance.

This is powerful!

How to add some Pisces flair:

Pisces is a water sign and is associated with fish. The energies associated with Pisces are idealistic, artistic, dreamer, imaginative, self-delusion, compassion, healer, and family.

Which one do you need to tap into during your ritual?

  • You can do fish pose or moon salutations.
  • Go sit by or on a body of water.
  • Practice Lunar Breath (left nostril breathing).
  • Leave drinking water out in a jar to be filled with lunar energy to drink during the rest of the moon cycle.
  • Surround yourself with crystals associated with Pisces like green aventurine, sodalite, and aquamarine.
  • Fill a bowl with water and gaze at the reflection of the full moon in the water as a meditation. Notice what thoughts and intuitive hints pop up.

Play around with it and make it your own. You can use all of the lessons in my Free Spirit Guidebook to create your own rituals.

I’ll add this to my blog and social media in case you lose this email.

Enjoy taking this time for yourself on the full moon!


Technique For Radiance

This is a Kundalini Yoga exercise called Technique for Radiance.

It is also sometimes called a Meditation to Regain Youthfulness.


  • More radiant skin
  • Rejuvenates muscles
  • Reduces grey hairs

Those things help make us feel more confident and the big benefit is learning how to use your body to learn how to feel radiant.

Yogi Bhajan talks about how our saliva is connected to our endocrine system and that is why doing that breath will increase your vitality.

You can do this in the morning, before bed, or has a mid-day meditation.

You might like to repeat an affirmation like “I am a beautiful and radiant being.”

Do this a few times a week or challenge yourself to do it for a certain amount of days in a row. It would be perfect to do after this mini-yoga sequence called How To Clear Your Aura.

True beauty comes from the inside out and this is another way for you to feel confident and radiant as yourself.

xo, Kerry

p.s. For more fun techniques like this one, pick up a copy of my Free Spirit Guidebook!

New Moon in Leo Ritual

Below is a ritual that you can do for any new moon. Before we get to that, I am sharing tips to make this special to the New Moon in Leo. Leo is a fire sign and is associated with the lion.

In my Free Spirit Guidebook, I share that the energies associated with lions are powerful, strength, personal power, assertiveness, domination, regal, and king-like.

Which one do you need to tap into over the next moon cycle?

For me, it is personal power.

If you have essential oils, then pick one based on the energy you want to tap into. I might pick Cedarwood or Frankincense. Or pick it based on the color of the bottle!

Grab stones that remind you of the fiery energy of Leo, like citrine, red jasper, tigers eye, or carnelian.

Gather your supplies and find a quiet place to sit.


  • Place your stones on your altar, in front of you, or around you. (Cleanse them before if needed.)
  • Tune in with your breath. Deep breaths or Lunar Breath (left-nostril breathing) for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • (Optional) If you have a ritual or taper candle, you can anoint the candle by rubbing your essential oil on the outside. Keep the energy you chose in your mind as you do this. No candle? You can simply diffuse or inhale the scent during the ritual.
  • Light your candle with your word, energy, or intention in mind.
  • Write down the energy you want to bring in or your intention for the next lunar cycle.
  • Hold your cards in front of your heart and ask God.Universe/Spirit and your guides to help show you how you can embody or manifest this in your life.
  • Shuffle and pull a card.
  • Journal about the message you receive.
  • Gaze at the candle flame and let your mind relax.
  • Then close your eyes and see if any more intuitive guidance shows up.
  • Write down any actions you can take to make your intention a reality.
  • Pick a stone and empower it with your intention. Hold it in your hand and imagine it being filled with white light then say your intention. 
  • Close out your ritual by returning to your breath.
  • Give thanks to God/Universe/Spirit, your guides, and yourself.
  • Blow your candle out. (Light it during the next moon cycle to tap into your intention or again on the Full Moon.)
  • Carry your stone with you or place it somewhere special to remind you of the energy you are shifting.

You can check in daily with your intention or simply during the waxing phase, the full moon, and the waning phase.

Whew! That was a lot longer than I intended it to be. Lol! Play around with it and make it your own. You can use all of the lessons in my Free Spirit Guidebook to create your own rituals.

Enjoy taking this time for yourself on the new moon!


4 Tips to Make Your Mornings Magical

Mornings can be magical!

It is so easy to have your alarm go off, grab your phone, roll out of bed, get coffee, get cranky, and then wonder why your day went the way it did.
Especially after during this wacky pandemic! 

If you are looking to put some magic into your mornings or your kids are going back to school like mine are and you need a magical morning routine then this post is for you!

I used to hate mornings.

That means I know things have to be quick, easy, and fun in the morning in order for me to do them.

These tips will help you feel guided, sparkly, intuitive, and free-spirited!

If you have more to add, please share in the comments and spread the magical morning love!

4 Tips to Make Your Mornings Magical

  1. Ask for Guidance
    • Before you get out of bed, even before you open your eyes, you can ask for guidance from the divine. You can connect with God, Universe, Spirit, Mother Earth, or any other way you address a higher power or force. Then simply ask: “Can you please guide me, help me, lead me, move me, show me?” Any variation or all of those. Then stay open to receiving guidance during the day.
  2. Sun Breath or Solar Breath
    • Also called the Pingala Nadi Breath. Your right nostril is connected to the solar nadi (or channel) in your subtle energy body which is associated with vitality plus masculine and warming energy. Use the first two fingers on your left hand to close your left nostril. Begin breathing deeply through your right nostril. Practice for 3 rounds or 1 or 3 minutes. Then release the left nostril and breathe deeply through both nostrils. Pause and notice how you feel. This breath is featured in my Free Spirit Guidebook.
  3. Pick an animal guide for the day.
    • You can use the printable animal guide oracle cards that come as a bonus with my Free Spirit Guidebook to shuffle and pick a card as shown in the video. You can also ask for an animal to show up during your day or for the name or vision of one to pop into your mind. Once you see or think of one, then look up the meaning and energy associated with that animal and figure out how that energy can help you in your life right now.
  4. Sun Salutations.
    • Face east and greet the sun! Moving your body is a great way to start your day. It helps you get out of your head and release stress. If you are not familiar with Sun Salutations then simply watch this video I made a while back sharing different variations to get your morning started right. ***For a simple pick me up you can stand with your palms touching in front of your heart, inhale and lift your arms overhead, exhale and fold forward and touch or reach for your toes (bend your knees slightly), then inhale and roll all the way up, and finish with your palms back at your heart. Do this 3 times and start your day!

Just picking one of these things to do each morning will help make your morning magical!