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I asked the questions below at the end. Feel free to ponder them, answer them in the comments, or email me about your experience.

  • Were you able to change your negative thought to a positive thought?
  • How did you feel after the forgiveness prayer?
  • Where did you go during the meditation?

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5 Ways to Live Like a Free Spirit During Quarantine

With all of us under stay at home orders it is easy to have feelings of wanderlust and deep cravings to feel free.

So often we allow outside circumstances and other people’s behavior to keep us from feeling like free spirits.

That is magnified right now.

I want to share a few tweaks and tips that will help you live like a free spirit while in quarantine and beyond!

1. Travel Without Leaving Home

In the last few weeks, I have been to Stonehenge, Paris, Mexico, the beach, and Italy.

Let me show you how.

In my Tapping into your Intuition Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook, I share a meditation that leads you to a natural setting where you can sit, relax, and listen to your intuition.

You can try this too! Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and imagine you are somewhere beautiful. Walk around. Notice the sites and smells. Take some time to relax here. So where did you go? A waterfall? A mountain top?

Let your mind decide or go somewhere you love visiting.

My next tip is to play music from different areas of the world. When it is Taco Tuesday, I play Mariachi music. When I am making spaghetti, I listen to Italian music. Last week, I made a special dinner, drank wine while I cooked and listened to French Jazz.

It was magical! You don’t have to combine it with cooking either. You can dance, read, daydream, etc.


2. Take a Social Media & News Break

If you are always checking social media and the news then you are on a constant ride of other people’s opinions and experiencing information overload.

It can leave you feeling confused, upset, cranky, jealous, annoyed, guilty, and so on. Then you might think that you should be feeling this way.

If you want to be a free spirit in this world then you need to tune it out sometimes.

It feels really good to engage in activities without also always checking your closest screen. The activity can be napping, journaling, cooking, or writing your next book.

There is a certain freedom that comes from not feeling influenced by everything going on and everyone around you.

3. Breathe

I dedicated a whole section to breathing in my book. It has been my first line of defense during this pandemic.

I know you are technically breathing all of the time but doing it with intention can shift your energy fast.

Right now, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale with a sigh out of your mouth. Try it 2 more times. This is so helpful when your heart rate is up after watching the news or talking to a negative family member.

Want to feel calmer? Close your right nostril and breath through your left one. Want some energy? Close your left nostril and breathe through your right one.

These are the Moon and Sun Breaths from my book and can find more breathing techniques here:

Bonus: If you are looking to start a meditation practice, you can use your breath to help you get started. Do any of the breaths mentioned above for 1 minute. Use the timer on your phone.

Then allow your breath to relax. Sit and observe your breath. Any thought that pops up, simply label it as a thought and let it flow away. Try this for another minute or two.

Viola! You have just meditated. Some days you will have tons of thoughts and other days your mind will feel calmer. Give yourself grace and keep practicing.

4. Change Your Thoughts

This is pretty much non-negotiable if you feel like your mind is filled with negative thoughts and negative self-talk.

I talked about it a bit at the beginning of the stay at home orders in this post and it is also a lesson in my book called Thoughts Become Things.

Here is an example: I had to go to the store earlier this week and once I was there I started to feel overwhelmed and kept thinking people were too close and how can this really be happening right now.

I recognized these thoughts, took a deep breath, and then changed my thoughts. I started saying to myself, “I am safe. I am healthy. I am okay. These people are safe, they are healthy, they are okay.”

I immediately felt more relaxed and was able to finish my shopping trip in peace. You could get hung up and say to me that you don’t know if that is true or not about the other people being safe, healthy and okay.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter. You can’t control that. You CAN CONTROL your thoughts.

Start being aware and then keep choosing better ones. You will notice a difference in how you feel. This one activity can change your life when you make a habit of it.

5. Forgive Yourself

However you are reacting right now is perfect for you. All of our reactions are based on our life experiences.

If you don’t like how you are reacting, forgive yourself. It is hard to change when we are filled with guilt and shame. If you are upset about past decisions that are making this time harder, forgive yourself. It is harder to find a better path in the future if you are spending all of your time beating yourself up over past actions.

My favorite way to do this is using the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer: I forgive you. Thank you. I am sorry. I love you. (There are different variations of this and this one has worked best personally while working on myself.)

Want to take it deeper? Write down the things that you are beating yourself up about and then put your fingers on each one and say this prayer. When you allow forgiveness to enter your life, you create space for the life you want to show up. You are worthy of your own forgiveness.

You can pick one or pick them all.

I do want to say that if you are grieving right now then do not expect yourself to step into the role of a free spirit in traditional terms. Take care of yourself and ask for help if needed.

If you want to take this deeper, consider getting my Free Spirit Guidebook. It is filled with tips and techniques to help you get unstuck and in the flow of life.

You can also get 4 lessons free by signing up for my newsletter. I am sharing some of the lessons in my Free Spirit Social Club Facebook Group too.


Breath for Releasing Stress

Releasing Breath is one of the lessons in my Free Spirit Guidebook.

This breath has been helping me so much and I thought some of you would like to do one minute together.

It helps you clear your mind, feel more in control of your emotions, and releases negative energy. 💜

Sun Breath, Sun Signs & Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are the perfect simple yoga routine to help you move your body and feel energized.

The full set is not for everyone so I created a video to show the variations you can use to add this to your routine.

You can do this when you wake up in the morning, mid-morning, or help beat an afternoon slump.

You technically don’t even need a yoga mat and I just love that.

If you are new to Sun Salutations, then you will probably follow the video for a while and then you will be able to start doing them on your own.

Solar Breath

You can start or finish Sun Salutations with Solar Breath. You can also do this as a stand-alone morning practice.

  • Sit tall
  • Close your left nostril with the first two fingers of your left hand
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril
  • Exhale slowly through your right nostril
  • This is one cycle.
  • Repeat 8 to 10 times or for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Allow your eyes to close.
  • Pause after and take some deep breaths through both nostrils.
  • Notice how you feel.

The right nostril is connected to the Sun and your Pingala Nadi. Your solar (pingala) nadi (channel) is in your subtle energy body.

This breath is warming and energizing. This is also a breath featured in my Free Spirit Guidebook.

Sun Signs

You might like to dedicate your practice and/or your breath to embody the energy of the current Sun Sign.

Simply figure out which sun sign we are in at the moment by the dates listed below. Then read the description and see where you can benefit from that energy in your life.

Set your intention to embody that energy at the beginning of your Sun Salutation practice and bring your mind back to it at the end.

Then find ways to infuse that energy into your day during this cycle.

Aries – March 21 – April 19 – Fire sign – Keywords: passion, spontaneity, independent, impatience, energetic, generous, foolish.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20 – Earth sign – Keywords: stability, earthly pleasures, stubbornness, routine, deliberate, sensuality, persistence, contented.

Gemini – May 21 – June 20 – Air sign – Keywords: duality, communication, intellectual, versatile, resourceful, curiosity, distracted, charming

Cancer – June 21 – July 22 – Water sign – Keywords: nurturing, sentimental, moodiness, family, home, creativity, emotions, sensitive.

Leo – July 23 – August 22 – Fire sign – Keywords: expressive, loyalty, excited, courage, drama, generosity, arrogance, playfulness.

Virgo – August 23 – September 22 – Earth sign – Keywords: grounded, order, helpfulness, perfectionism, cleanliness, helper, selfless, analytical.

Libra – September 23 – October 22 – Air sign – Keywords: balance, harmony, partnership, commitment, fairness, inconsistent, relationships, cooperation.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21 – Water sign – Keywords: intensity, magnetic, mysterious, loyal, sexiness, possessive, power, brave.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21 – Fire sign – Keywords: adventure, bluntness, playful, inspiration, honesty, fearless, risk, curiosity.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19 – Earth sign – Keywords: practical, ambitious, career, structure, goals, cynical, productive, boundaries.

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18 – Air sign – Keywords: originality, hopeful, social justice, friendliness, innovative, detached, open-minded, freedom.

Pisces – February 19 – March 20 – Water sign – Keywords: idealistic, artistic, dreamer, imaginative, self-delusion, compassion, healer, family.

I hope you love this! Please share your Sun sign below! I’m an Aries!

6 Tips to Help Ease Anxiety, Stress, and Fear.

Have you been feeling stressed, anxious, or worried lately because of all of the news around the Coronavirus? I have been and want to share what has helped me.

Earlier this week, I started on a downward spiral after reading about how we should stock up on life-saving medication like insulin for my 12-year-old son who has Type 1 Diabetes.

I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control. After reading tons of articles, I checked in and noticed that my heart was racing and I felt scared.

I know you might have had a similar experience.

I paused and reminded myself that while I might not have to tools to stop the spread of this virus, I do have the tools to help me cope with the anxiety I am experiencing because of it.

I want to share with you what has worked for me this week and encourage you to try at least one if not all of them!

Tips for Coping with Anxiety, Stress, and Fear:

  1. Essential Oils: Put a Put some drops of your favorite relaxing oil like lavender on a washcloth and then place that over your face and breathe deeply. Be careful that the oil doesn’t bother your eyes. You might like to add it to just the bottom of the cloth. I did this for the first time this week and can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner. It helped calm me so much!
  2. Breathing Exercises: You might like to do “Box Breath” with the cloth over your face. This is when you inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, and hold for a count of 4. You can imagine that each 4 count is the side of a box. Do 10 rounds or set a timer for 1 to 5 minutes. I have a bunch of breathing exercises on my blog and in my book that will help too.
  3. Guided Relaxation: This is a new video on my blog and I did this guided relaxation the other night when I was feeling particularly anxious and it shifted everything. I guide you through relaxing each part of your body. This has a profound effect on your body, mind, and nervous system. You might also like to have the essential oil washcloth over your face when doing this.
  4. Change your thoughts: The other night I realized that I was feeling scared and not prepared. After doing the guided relaxation, I shifted my thoughts and said, “I stay positive and draw in everything I need.” I even made it my phone screensaver. Feel free to use it or create your own! Just click on the image above to download.
  5. Declutter or Clean: When things are going on in the world that are out of your control, it can calm your anxieties to focus on something you can control like clutter or messes in your home. It is nice to create these moments of peace.
  6. Send love out into the world: This guided meditation is perfect for when you feel like the world needs a bit more love and you wish you could help more.

Here are a few more ideas from my blog:
A Chant for Global Well Being
– Super Simple Meditation
– Spiritual Tips for When a Family Member is in the Hospital
Practice some gentle yoga 
Boost your immune system with energizing yoga

Most of the lessons in my Free Spirit Guidebook can help with stress and anxiety too.

The important thing is to catch yourself, then take care of yourself and do both consistently.

Also, be mindful of how much news you are consuming. It is good to be informed but try to balance that with taking care of yourself.

I adore you and hope you find these tips helpful. XO!