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Free Spirit Guidebook Giveaway

Did you buy your Free Spirit Guidebook yet? I created a fun giveaway to help you bring the lessons to life! There are 3 prizes:

Free Spirit Coaching Session with me – This will be the perfect way to kick off 2020. You’ll share where you are in your life, where you want to go, and how you want to feel. Then I’ll help you use the lessons from the Free Spirit Guidebook to get you into the flow of life as you embark on the new year. You will leave the session feeling supported as you move into the new decade.

Ten of the Crystals and Stones that are featured in the Free Spirit Guidebook. You will receive one of each of the following: Selenite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, plus a Howlite pendant, and Green Aventurine earrings. The guidebook includes the energy associated with each stone, along with some simple rituals to incorporate into your life.

One Sage Bundle and one Palo Santo stick. You can use these as you go through the lesson Clearing Your Space with Smoke from the guidebook.

How To Enter: To enter, order your Free Spirit Guidebook (print or digital version – Link in Bio) and then send me an email to hello@kerryburki.com with the subject line “Free Spirit Giveaway” and an attached screenshot proving your order. You will be entered to win one of the three prizes listed above.

Giveaway ends 12/18 11:59pm PST.

3 winners will be announced 12/20. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Open to anyone around the world.

***Extra Bonus: All print orders receive the digital edition for free until the new year! Simply email me a screenshot of your print order on Amazon to hello@kerryburki.com so I can send it to you. Or I’ll send it to you when you email me to enter the giveaway. Hooray!

Free Spirit Guidebook Is Here!

Your Free Spirit Guidebook is HERE! Woohoo! Celebrate!

Free spirits are known for their independence, and this guide shares 30 empowering lessons that will help you confidently march to the beat of your own drum with joy and ease.

The intention of this guidebook is to show you how to live a free spirit life.

I have combined ancient techniques with modern concepts to teach you:

  • to use the physical world to release stress and cope with life so you can relax and be happy.
  • breathing exercises that shift your energy & bring health benefits to your body and mind.
  • self-life coaching exercises to help you remove blocks & switch to a more positive mindset.
  • techniques to help you worry less, trust yourself more, and feel connected to the universe.

It is perfect for recovering: People pleasers, complainers, party people, and worrywarts.

***This guidebook includes digital bonuses such as printable planners, ritual sheets, moon charts, and oracle cards.

You can choose from either print and digital editions.

***Extra Bonus: All print orders receive the digital edition for free until the new year! Simply email me a screenshot of your print order on Amazon to hello@kerryburki.com so I can send it to you. Hooray!

xo, Kerry

Releasing the Past Guided Visualization

If you are ready to embark on a new chapter or are feeling held back by a person or a younger version of yourself (mistakes made or bad choices you associate with your younger self), then this guided meditation will help you release the past and one forward.

Before you start, think about the direction you want to move forward in or the new path you want to embark on. Then pause and think of stories from your life that you feel might be holding you back.

As the meditation begins, I guide you to choose a person or situation to release.

You will then be guided to forgive this person for not being the person you wanted them to be. Again, this might be a different person or a younger version of yourself.

This is a powerful thing to do. It can help with a particularly hard person or situation to forgive.

It helps you realize that we all have our own intentions and expectations at different times in our lives.

You will then be guided to release the situation connecting you to this person or your younger self.

This is incredibly healing.

After this, it might be nice to journal your feelings, or how you want to move forward now that you are free of this person or the past.

You also might like to stomp your feet to continue this sense of release.

Remember to do this, again and again, any time you need to forgive or move forward so you can become a better version of your self and create a life you love.

I originally did this in my Facebook group and everyone had an amazing experience.

Enjoy. Forgive. Release. Move Forward!

For some of you, this might be exhausting and draining. If that is the case, make sure you rest and drink lots of water after doing this visualization.

xo, Kerry

How To Clear Your Aura – a mini-yoga sequence

Did you know that there is an energy field around your body called your aura? Have you ever wondered how to clear your aura? Today I am sharing a mini-yoga sequence that will do just that!

I started doing this sequence midday to help move my body and feel like I was releasing stress and other people’s energy that I had picked up.

Now I use it a few times a day and imagine that it clears my aura with each movement.

Do you ever feel cruddy, off, annoyed, or upset out of nowhere and wonder why?

A lot of times it can come from things that you did like going on social media or a phone call that triggers something or stirs something up you haven’t felt in a while.

Another reason this happens is that you pick up energy from other people like negativity, anxiety, or sadness.

If this sounds familiar, I want you to picture yourself walking around with a white bubble of an aura around you during the day. What do you think that looks like at the end of a day like this?

I imagine that it is all stuck in my aura, making me feel yucky, and I need to get rid of it before I let it get me down or before I go to bed.

This sequence is great at any time of day. Imagine the movements clear the energetic space around you. Afterward, imagine a shiny, sparkly, white aura all around you filled with love and positivity.


Plus, moving your body this way helps release tension and tightness that you carry in your body so you should feel lighter and more relaxed after too.

p.s. Watch it all the way through the first time and then when you want to do it in the future fast-forward to the 2:25 mark.

Scorpio New Moon Card Spread & Ritual

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! I love setting intentions on New Moons and sometimes it is nice to tap into the energy of the current sign.

Scorpio is a Water sign that is often associated with intensity, magnetism, mysterious, shadow-side, loyalty, sexiness, possessiveness, power, bravery.

I created a card spread to help you bring the positive aspects of this sign into your life.

If tarot or oracle cards are not your thing, then this is more of an intuitive journal challenge.

Here’s how this works:

Supplies: card deck (optional), journal, pen or pencil

  1. Find a quiet place where you can dedicate a little bit of time to this activity and yourself.
  2. Light a candle or incense, burn some sage or turn on an essential oil diffuser.
  3. Set the intention that this time is for introspection that will help you move forward towards your desires.
  4. Ask for guidance from God/Universe/Spirit, Mother Earth, guides, angels, etc.
  5. Take 5 deep breaths. You can follow this with some Lunar Breathing if desired.
  6. Ask the following questions. If using cards, shuffle and either pick the card you are drawn to, the one on top or bottom, or the one that falls out. No cards? Then listen to your intuition and write down what pops in your head.

1. What has been going on under the surface for me lately?

2. Does something need to bubble up?

3. Where does it feel appropriate to have a bit of mystery right now?

4. How can I embrace my darker side during this lunar cycle?

Reflect on what has come up.

Set an intention related to question 4 during this next moon cycle.

Tips for New Moon Intentions can be found here: How to Connect with the Moon Phases.

A quick place to find the moon phases for your time zone is https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/.