Ways To Celebrate The Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is on Saturday, September 23rd! I just love getting aligned with the energy of this season.

Ways to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox.

You can do these over the weekend or over the next few months.

  • Declutter and shift decor by changing your pillows, artwork, plates, dishtowels, and more.


  • Enjoy some fall food over the next week to start tapping into the grounding energy of fall like apples, pumpkins, or any root vegetables.
  • Take a soothing bath or shower and tend to yourself after with body oils, a face mask, perfume, and any of your favorite self-care goodies.
  • Do some yoga poses and twists to clear out summer and bring in fall energy. You might like to try this short practice.
  • Seasonal tarot or oracle card reading. Ask your guides and your intuition, “What do I need to know this season?” or “How do I best approach this season?”
  • Reflect back on your summer, the lessons you learned, and the memories you made. Are you making any changes in your life that you want to bring into fall? What do you want your autumn season to look like?

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the Autumn Season?

Enjoy the blessings of autumn!

Create a Fall and Halloween Altar

Ooh! I just love this time of year and this is the perfect time to gather some Halloween decorations and autumn-related supplies to place on your altar. If you like, you can clear off your whole altar and start fresh. Otherwise, move your altar items around to accommodate your autumn-themed pieces.

Create a Fall and Halloween Altar

  • Changing the candles to orange, black, or purple.
  • Adding small pumpkins and gourds or jack-o-lanterns.
  • Placing crystals that are orange and black and brown like carnelian, citrine, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and tiger’s eye.
  • Adding scented candles or grounding essential oils to your diffuser like Cedarwood or Pumpkin Spice.
  • Burning loose incense like Mugwort.
  • Pulling tarot or oracle cards related to the season to display and meditate on.

Have fun with this!

You want this to be a place you will sit in front of and feel connected to the season.

I love to start with fall items, then add Halloween items, and then take those away and add ore fall items starting November 1st.

An Autumn Playlist

When we change from summer to fall, I love to change just about everything in my home and life, including the music I listen to.

I created an Autumn Playlist last year to listen to under the Full Harvest Moon and my whole family loved listening to it all season.

It is also perfect for just chilling out, taking a bath, gathering with friends, or spending time at your altar. Enjoy!

  • Autumn In New York – Billie Holiday
  • Harvest Moon – Neil Young
  • Autumn Town Leaves – Iron and Wine
  • Undone – The Sweater Song – Weezer
  • My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion – The Flaming Lips
  • Seasons (Autumn): I. Allegro – Vivaldi
  • Autumn Leaves – Nat King Cole
  • We Fell In Love In October – Girl in Red
  • Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo
  • Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran
  • Autumn Almanac – The Kinks
  • Autumn Serenade – John Coltrane 
  • Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground – The White Stripes
  • Harvest Fair – Summer Salt
  • Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
  • Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood

You can find this playlist on Apple Music here: Autumn Playlist.

My husband, Matt, created a Halloween playlist I think you might like. Check it out here: Halloween Playlist.

Reach out or comment with any other songs you think would be a perfect addition!

New Moon In Taurus Ritual

Today is a powerful new moon in Taurus.

What seeds do you want to plant?

What money goals do you have for the next 6 months?

Try this New Moon In Taurus Ritual:

Write it down on a piece of paper.

Now hold that in your hand and imagine energy coming up from the earth and filling your body. 

Imagine that energy flowing out of your hands and into the paper, then say, “Earth Energy/Mother Earth, can you please infuse my goal with your grounded and healing energy?”

Visualizing your goals coming true.

Get into the energy of how it would feel.

Then either bury it in a plant or garden or place it under your current favorite stone (pyrite is my favorite for this).

Then call on the Divine in a way that feels good and say, “Can you please support and guide me as I surrender my desire to your care? Thank you./So be it./Amen.”

Taurus is an earth sign associated with money.

Have fun tapping into this powerful energy.

Then go do something that future version of you would do.

Start to live from that energy today.

Let go of how it is going to work out.

Do things that will help you be in s state of trusting that the right people and opportunities will show up and that you are worthy of your desires.

I look forward to manifesting our money goals together!

p.s. I have been working with the energy of money a lot lately and a big thing I am learning is to be intimate with your money. 

It is important to know the money coming in and going out and where it is coming from and where it is going. 

It had become apparent that I stopped doing this and now that I am tracking everything closely, I am making the more money.

Love this for me and I want it for you too!

Remember, what you focus on grows.

2023 Moon Phase Printable Calendar

2023 Moon Phase Printable Calendars

I created a New Moon and Full Moon Calendar for you! I know it is a little late but I was working on a slideshow for an upcoming Lunar Creativity Workshop I am teaching in California next month and felt inspired to create one.

Moon Phases 2023

Moon Phases 2023 – with time in PT

I cut mine out and put it on the fridge so my family can follow along too!

Tonight is a Full Moon in Libra. Here are a few ways to celebrate:


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