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Ancestor Altar for Halloween Season

There is a full moon Saturday night on Halloween and here is a special way to celebrate it on a personal level.

Consider creating an ancestor altar. This is the perfect time of year to connect with those who have gone before you and the altar is something you can keep up year-round if that feels right to you.

This can be something that honors and recognizes loved ones or relatives that you have never met or both. Find a space that will be relatively undisturbed. You can add photos, favorite or seasonal flowers, bits of food, or drink that was a loved one’s favorite or is special to your family history.

If you do not have a direct connection to your family line then consider this more energetic. Put things on the altar that you love. Realize that if it is something that you love that it probably connects you to many souls that came before you.

If you do put out food remember to remove it before it gets stale or moldy. Preferably compost.

Some of you might want to connect with more ancient ways so you might like to research stones, flowers, plants, and symbols that you can adorn your altar with.

Don’t forget candles. This is the perfect way for you to spend time and connect with the energy of your altar. You can have a plain candle or choose certain scents or colors that a family member loved.

You can’t go wrong here!

If you are looking for guidance possibly ask your loved ones or ancestors to help you or for a sign.

I’ll be sharing a beer with Nana Madeline on Saturday. You can also do this in celebration of All Souls Day or Day of the Dead.

Enjoy the Full Moon energy and share with a friend who might like this ritual too. XO!

Rituals for your Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Broom

Do you love picking up the cinnamon brooms from Trader Joe’s every fall? I sure do! If you have ever wanted more ways to use those scented beauties, I am here to share a few simple rituals for your Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Broom.

These brooms come in two sizes. A mini whisk in a handheld size and a larger one that is about 3 feet tall. They both have some twine so that they can be hung.

I keep mine every year and add them to the decor in my house. I always have one behind my front door to sweep out any bad energy throughout the year and I hang my mini one on my apron hook.

Magical Properties of Cinnamon:

First, let’s talk about the magical properties of cinnamon. Did you know that cinnamon is associated with prosperity, success, protection, healing, and spirituality?

Cinnamon helps move energy in a positive way. That bold scent you smell when you open your broom is filled with warmth and joy.

The scent of cinnamon combined with your intentions can help you create a home and life you love.

Just getting the broom and opening it up will bring the properties of cinnamon into your home.

Clearing and Blessing:

When you first get your broom, take it out of the wrapping and take a moment to really enjoy the smell of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is associated with the Sun and the element of fire. Place it in the sunlight for up to 10 minutes. This will help clear old energy and make it ready for you to use.

You can even just hold it in the sun while facing south and say:

“Sunlight, clear away any old energy on this broom.”

Now the broom is ready to be blessed and filled with your intentions.

As you hold your broom, imagine sparkly white light coming down from the cosmos entering the crown of your head, flowing down to your heart, down both arms, and into the broom.

While you are doing this, take time to imagine yourself in your home feeling prosperous, successful, healed, happy, protected, and connected to the Divine. Then say:

“I call on the Divine to bless this broom with my positive intentions. This broom is blessed and it will help bring prosperity, healing, protection, and Divine blessings to my home.

You are now ready to go!

Kitchen Prep:

Before cooking, energetically sweep your counters and stovetop with your mini whisk. Allow the scent of cinnamon to fill the space and bring about feelings of abundance and healing through the food you are about to cook.

Bonus: Bless and give thanks for your food while cooking and before eating.

Home Clearing & Protection:

Did you know that people used to place a broom above their front door for home protection? If you don’t feel like doing that, try this ritual.

You will first set the intention to clear your home of stuck, challenging, and stagnant energy. Then you will energetically sweep (meaning the bristles don’t touch the floor) your home towards the front door. Then open the door and sweep all that energy out.

Then imagine your house being filled with and surrounded by golden white light and the smell of cinnamon.

Tap into your positive emotions and say:

My home is filled with positive intentions, prosperity, healing, and Divine blessings. My home is surrounded by golden white light in which only love remains and through which only love may enter.”

Bonus: Imagine angels surrounding and guarding your home.

Clear Space:

You can also use either size broom to clear your space before doing rituals, yoga, praying, journaling, meditating, reading tarot, or oracle cards.

It is also nice to give an energetic sweep after having people or workers in your home.

Home Decor:

During October, your broom can be a part of your Halloween decorations. The scent of cinnamon fades over time and the brooms can become part of your home decor for the rest of the year.

You can hang it on the wall and embellish with dried flowers, beads, colorful ribbon, charms, bells, feathers, crystals, etc. You can change these add-ons seasonally too. So fun!

Fun Facts:

Did you know that Deverra is the Goddess of Purifying and is associated with the broom. In Ancient Roman times, an area would be swept before a ritual or celebration to purify and cleanse the area. Brooms were thought to clear out the darkness and allow in the light.

She is the considered the protector of midwives and women in labor. Her names comes from the Latin word Deverro which means to sweep.

Did you know that St. Martin de Porres of Lima, Peru is the Saint of the Broom for his devotion to his work no matter how menial it was?

He is also the patron saint of persons of mixed race and of those who suffer from discrimination.


Final note:

Intention combined with nature and a connection to the divine can make your life flow. Enjoy using these rituals to help you tap into the energetic properties of cinnamon, sweep away old, challenging energy, and bring prosperity and healing into your life! For more tips and techniques like this, be sure to check out my Free Spirit Guidebook!

Affirmation For The Waning Moon

Perfect affirmation for the waning moon! 🌘

Did you know that your thoughts create feelings that are felt as emotions in your heart? And those emotions create a vibrational frequency that the universe matches?


So when you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself like:

  • “I’m so flakey.”
  • “I’ll never be organized enough to ___________.”
  • “If I could just be more like __________.”
  • “I always make bad decisions.”
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing and feel so lost.”

Catch yourself and say this affirmation.

“I release thoughts that no longer serve me.”

Bonus tip: Try to turn that negative thought into a positive one or at least a positive-ish one.

  • “I get so excited about all of the possibilities around me.”
  • “Small steps every day help me reach my goals.”
  • “I’m a unique individual and my energy draws in the perfect people and situations.”
  • “I used to make bad decisions all of the time but not anymore.”
  • “Something wonderful is going to happen and I’ll be on the right path.”

Enjoy this new energy and all of the wonderful, magical things that will follow!

*Full lesson is in the Thoughts Become Things Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook.


Now I know changing your thoughts has been harder this year and I want you to know that I have been right there with you. 

I’ve struggled and gone in downward spirals many times over these last many months.

This practice helps more than anything! You don’t need crystals or tarot cards (I love them though!). You need an ally in your mind.

You got this, free spirit!

3 Ways to Celebrate the Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon is one of my favorite Full Moons of the year!

It reminds us to take notice of what we have harvested through our thoughts, words and actions.

It reminds us to rejoice where we are happy and make changes where we are lacking.

Here are some ways to celebrate the Harvest Full Moon:

1. Shift Your Altar To Autumn:

Gather some autumn related supplies to place on your altar. If you like, you can clear off your whole altar and start fresh. Otherwise, move your altar items around to accomodate your autumn-themed peices.

Some examples would be:

  • Changing the candles to orange, black, or brown
  • Adding small pumpkins and gourds
  • Placing crystals that are red, orange, yellow, and brown.
  • Adding scented candles or grounding essential oils to your diffuser like Cedarwood or Pumpkin Spice.
  • Burning incense like Sandalwood or one with an autumn scent.
  • You might also like to add fallen leaves,
  • Images of fall leaves or pumpkins and possibly ceramic or stuffed squirrels or foxes.

Have fun with this!

You want this to be a place you will sit in front of and feel connected to the season. A place where you feel you can plant seeds and harvest a life you love!

2. Watch The Moon Rise

Every year when this moon rises it is always so huge and orange. I remember when I was in high school watching it rise in a cemetery and just being blown away.

Go to and plug in your location to discover the moonrise time.

Then find a place where you can see it come over the horizon. Here is Arizona it is always wonderful to watch it rise over the mountains.

When it is first rising is when it is at it’s biggest and brightest.

3. Harvest Full Moon Ritual

Find a cozy spot with some spiced apple cider or pumpkin beer to do this Harvest Full Moon Ritual.

You will need:


  • Journal and pen


  • Stones – pyrite, carnelian, or citrine
  • Incense – Sandalwood or a fall-scented variety
  • Candle – white, orange, yellow, or gold

***If you don’t have any of the above, improvise and gather supplies that make you think of fall.

These can all be done on the day of the Harvest Full Moon or during the 2 or 3 before and after.

Pick Your Autumn Animal Guide!

Happy Autumn Equinox! Pick Your Autumn Animal Guide!

Let’s pick an animal from my Free Spirit Guidebook to be your guide for the rest of the season:

  • Look at the image below. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Open your eyes. Choose the card you feel drawn to the most.
  • Scroll down for the cards and messages.
  • OR you can read the messages below and pick an animal that you think will be the best fit for your fall season.

Have fun with this! Notice when you see your animal represented during this season. You might see it on pillows, in commercials, or even live!

Use the hashtag #autumnanimalguide to join in the fun!

Each morning, ask your animal to guide you through your day and to help you tap into the qualities associated with this animal that will best serve you.

Messages revealed – clockwise from top!
Owl – This fall season you are being asked to navigate in the dark. Remember this is a metaphor but one that you might be feeling deeply right now. Take time to strengthen your intuition by focusing on your third eye during meditation and pulling tarot or oracle cards, Call on Owl for wisdom and guidance to help you see what is hidden to most others.

Buffalo – The Buffalo is here to tell you that you everything you need already. During this season take stock of the abundance that already exists in your life. Including all of your positive attributes and strengths. This will create a vibrational energy to carry to you to the next level that you have your eye. When you find yourself complaining, ask Buffalo to guide you back to gratitude and prayer.

Cat – You are being invited to cultivate a deep sense of self this season. Take time for lots of self-care and things that increase your self-confidence. When you do this, you will emerge from this season with mix of affection and independence in your relationships.

Wolf – Your fierceness is being called upon. Listen to your intstincts and step into your role of protector and guardian. When you feel vulnerable. call on Wolf to be by your side. Definitely howl at the moon a few times this season.

Squirrel – If you have fallen behind on taking care of yourself and your goals during this pandemic, Squirrel is here to give you a boost of energy. Create a list of the things you want to catch up on. Persevere and work hard on checking things off your list this autumn. Call on Squirrel to remind yourself to resourceful when you are feeling stuck.

Fox – There is a lot of trickster energy around this year and even more so in this upcoming fall season. In order to not get overwhelmed or bamboozled, be prepared to use quick thinking. Any time you need to see through the cultural illusion, ask the Fox for guidance and then see what clues show up to guide you in the right direction.

Crow – Change is the only constant in life. Take time this season to learn how to emerge from change true to yourself. Crow might lead you to some magical practices that will help you feel more confident and also guide you through the trickster energy that is around this fall season. Imagine the Crow on your shoulder or nearby as your companion on your journey.

Spider – The spider always asks, “Are you caught in a web or weaving your own destiny?” You might like to start this season by journaling your answer to that question. If you are already weaving, then envision how your destiny looks and keep creating your web. If not, what is going on? How can you untangle yourself and emerge from this crazy year feeling good? Either way, call on Spider for patience as you work on yourself this season.

Feel free to share your Autumn Animal Guide in the comments!