Hi! I’m Kerry Burki!

If we were to meet in person, I would probably tell you that I am from Arizona and lived in Chicago for about 10 years.

I’d share that that is where I got married and had two boys before moving back to Arizona.

I might also mention that I have two cats, Tatertot and Poulette.

Plus, that I just went on the most magical vacation to Hawaii this summer with my family.

I would probably tell you that I have been teaching yoga for almost 15 years and that now I mostly teach at special events and online classes.

Depending on where the conversation goes, you might discover that I read tarot cards, have my Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies, and created my own magazine for a while.

Hopefully, I would self-promote a bit and tell you about my upcoming Free Spirit Guidebook that helps people use Nature, Breath, Thoughts, Imagination, and Energy to help them get unstuck and into the flow of life.

I’d let you know that I have a free mini version of the guidebook that includes 4 techniques and some printable oracle cards coming soon and that in the meantime you can get my free Printable Animal Guide Calendars.

If you seem to dig that, we might start talking about following the moon, our favorite essential oils, and listening to our intuition.

Knowing myself, I would probably let you know that I have always been outwardly confident but really struggled with self-esteem issues growing up and into my adulthood.

I’d let you know that everything I teach has helped me worry less and love myself more and that is why I share it.

By now, I would have asked you tons of questions about yourself because I love getting to know people. Like where you are from, what is your sun sign, and if you are feeling stuck anywhere in your life.

I would probably have said that I love your outfit, your earrings or your energy.

If you like details, I would tell you that I am a certified metaphysical practitioner and intuitive counselor.

I’d share that my animal guide is a bear and I love to unwind by watching British mysteries.

We might start following each other on Instagram. I’d let you know that I enjoy sharing mini-lessons on social media, on my Facebook page, and in my free Facebook group.

You might invite me to your favorite yoga studio and I might invite you to my next workshop.

We’d probably wind down our conversation with a hug and chat about working together or recommending me to a friend or colleague.

Then, we would be feeling good because of our connection and happy that we met and look forward to keeping in touch with each other.

Here are some sweet things that past students and clients have said about me:

“Kerry creates a warm, nurturing, and spiritual environment.

Sue K.

“Kerry seamlessly incorporates the best of East and West. She is one of the best!!!”

Linda V.

“As an educator for over 30 years myself, I know that teaching and imparting that knowledge are two very different skills. Kerry is able to teach what she knows in a way that everyone on all levels can learn from.

She is also one of the kindest people I have ever met.”

Alicia S.