Take a moment.

Sit up tall.

Do some shoulder rolls.

Take some deep breaths through your nose.

Imagine white light all around you. 

Envision an animal next to you as your guide.

Say something nice to yourself. 


Notice how you feel. 

Hopefully, you feel a little bit better than you did before. 

Enjoy these feelings. 

Hi Love, I’m Kerry Burki


I love sharing simple & unique ways to help you feel good about yourself and create a magical life. 

I used to get caught up in what everyone else was doing and everything going on in the world. It left me feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and scattered. 

I knew I wanted to feel vibrant, intuitive, grounded and magical.

I started sharing the techniques that worked for me and people loved them so I wrote a book called Tend To Your Vibration. 

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Use nature, breath, thoughts, imagination & energy to get unstuck and into the flow of life. Dive into this full color inspiring book & get ready to create a magical life! Available now on Amazon.

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self-paced online courses 

Ready to take tending to your vibration to the next level? These online courses allow you to go at your own pace with video lessons of the techniques in my book.

"This book is chock-full of rituals & exercises that are helpful if you want to live a more balanced and calmer lifestyle. My favorite thing is that you can pick any section you are in the mood for and apply exercises or rituals for whatever is bothering you. This book is a must have for your self-help toolbox! I'm glad it's in mine. :)"
Tina Potamos Kulias
"This book is so beautiful! As a busy mom, I so appreciate the ability to give myself some care in an easy, quick, & impactful way! I find it fun to open to a random page, sort of like an oracle card, & find messages for that moment in my life. When you need something light & uplifting in your life, this is the perfect book to have on your shelf!!"
Kimberly Kling