Tend To Your Vibration Book

Tend To Your Vibration a guidebook

What a great guide to help support our own inner strengths. You’ll find inspiring quotes like, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson. Something useful to remind us while going through personal and economical challenges to dwell on the positives rather than the negatives. The book provides an easy guide to essential oils for anyone intimidated by how to use them and when. If you are interested in crystals or the meaning of different colors, Kerry provides an easy to follow reference. There are so many simple treasures in her book. It is a must have for anyone wanting an easy to follow, colorful and inspiring guidebook to a better self. Thanks for sharing intuitive methods, “to release stress and cope with life.”

– Cherlyn Q.

I don’t know what’s took me so long to open your tend to your vibration book. It’s exactly what my soul needed. Thanks for being you Kerry, and sharing your gift. ???? it’s helping a lot of people just get out of bed in the morning. Hugs.

– Amanda O.

This book is chock-full of rituals and exercises that are helpful if you want to live a more balanced and calmer lifestyle. I love that it is a fast read and introduces simple yet effective exercises – especially when you’re stressed. Kerry’s writing style is very conversational – it feels like you’re talking to a good friend.

My favorite thing is that you can pick any section you are in the mood for and apply exercises or rituals for whatever is bothering you. For example, the lunar breathing … great for helping you to calm down. It feels wonderful! I never knew you could do it by itself. I’ve always had it taught as a combo with solar breathing. And who knew posture had such an impact on our mood and well-being? It makes sense… good posture helps keep the heart open. Added bonus – you look better and feel more confident.

This book is a must have for your self-help toolbox! I’m glad it’s in mine. 🙂

– Tina K.

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Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Mini-Retreats

Kerry is not only wise and spiritual but also very down to earth, offering a uniquely positive and practical perspective on challenges you are experiencing in life.

– Alyssa H.

All of Kerry’s classes are such a delight, she creates such a nurturing space and then she guides you through really positive and healthy self-care.

– August C.

Kerry’s yoga class is inclusive with just the right amount of challenge and rest and she continues to use her abilities to create a community around women’s wellness that is great to be a part of.  

– Melanie D.

Kerry is a remarkable woman who inspires and empowers everyone through her many ways of reaching out into this world. She’s a mom AND a dedicated human to everyone.

– Carole F.

Kerry is an amazing teacher and provides the space for self-care and personal growth in her retreats. These retreats have been beautiful and inspiring!

– Jenn L.

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Kerry is absolutely wonderful. She really helped me to connect with my inner self and feel more comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life. The tools I learned I’ve used over and over and it really helped me deal with stress in a much healthier way. Before working with Kerry, I felt like I was treading water so long, I was starting to drown. After working with Kerry, I realized that I could float until I had energy to swim and I’m swimming again.

– Monica I.

Kerry really knows how to connect with people to aid them in their journey. She is thoughtful and perceptive and she brings both of those skills to a conversation.

– Brandi J.

Kerry is skilled at communicating with people and making them feel heard and loved. Kerry is my favorite feel-good person, she’s a great listener and always brings out the best in every situation!

– Cassie U.

Kerry is a genuine, caring, and inspiring woman who cares about her community.

– Heather M.