Experts Reveal How to Make Your Home a More Zen Space in 2021: Guest Post From Redfin

After a whirlwind of a year in 2020, many of us are looking for a positive and fresh start to the year – and a great way to do this is by making your home a place of zen.

It’s likely that we’ll be spending plenty of time at home still, whether it’s because of remote working, virtual schooling, or you’ve just gained a new-found love for your home.

So, it’s more important than ever to make your home a place of zen. To help you transform your space into a place of peace and serenity, we asked experts across the country for their best advice. All the way from San Diego, CA to Washington, DC, here’s how they say you can easily make your home a more zen space.

Have a sacred space in your home that’s only used for relaxation or meditation. This can be a simple corner that you add an amethyst crystal, scented candle, and special accent pillow. Or even a small area in your back patio that has a rock garden or fountain that your intention is to unwind and keep calm, soothing energy in. Creating your own sacred space, especially on the heels of 2020, will give you a secure spot to find your zen so you can anchor your balance in 2021. – Cathleen Miller, Intuitive Lifestyle Success

Be intentional with what you hang on your walls. Your home is a space that should feel like a sanctuary, so when choosing artwork, pictures, and other decor, avoid choosing random items. You want to ensure the items elicit a positive energy or have meaning to you. This will keep the energy in your home a high vibe and a happy place to be. – Nia Carrillo, Eclectic Wellness SD

Energetically clear your space. You can hire a Reiki (energy healing) practitioner or do it yourself. Briefly light a bit of sage or palo santo and move from room to room, dispersing smoke from the ember while repeating an intention for your home. It could be something like, “I invite only the highest vibrational energies into this space: love, light, and wisdom.” – Heather McCutcheon

Let go of stuff. When your home is cluttered and full of things that don’t bring joy or just suffocate the space, it translates to how you feel there – leaving you feeling blocked and suffocated and your mind overwhelmed. Go through each room and closet creating a bag to sell, donate, and throw away. Start with the room you interact in the most. – Marni April, WholeU Wellness & Intuitive Energy Medicine

Place granite at the four corners of your bed or your bedroom to promote peaceful sleeping. While most crystals bring in energies of the sun, granite brings in earth energy that can make you feel more grounded and promote feelings of safety. Revered by groups such as the Masons, granite is often an overlooked stone by those who work with rocks and crystals. You can easily buy small granite boulders from your local landscaping store. – Lauren Torres, EarthBLISS

Surround yourself with items that bring you joy. Crystals, for example, are believed to have unique properties. If you are looking for stones that will encourage calm and instill a sense of peace in your home, I suggest Fluorite. Fluorite is said to be one of the ultimate soothing stones by neutralizing negative energy and inspiring mellow vibes and clarity. – Marie Ortega, Feathered Outlaw

Place a crystal in each room to promote positivity, peace, and zen in your space. Start with the common areas by placing black obsidian and selenite in the rooms to keep the energy clear, followed by placing a crystal in each bedroom. Adults and teens can benefit from a strong positive stone, such as carnelian, citrine, and sunstone. Younger children may prefer a soothing blue stone such as aquamarine, blue lace agate, and celestite. – ​Claire Harrison, Jonquil Reiki

A tranquil and zen home starts from you. Simple daily practices designed to consistently support a grounded and uplifting vibration within yourself will help ensure your home radiates love and light. Clearing up your energetic vibration creates the home of your dreams. – Healing Channels

Let sound clear stagnant energy. A simple way to shift the energy in your home is to clear your space with sound. Move around your home with chimes, bells, a singing bowl, clapping, a hand drum, or even music from your phone and imagine the sound reverberating around and into all of the nooks and crannies of your space shaking up and clearing negative or stagnant energy. After, protect and bless the space by imagining white light filling the space or a bubble or angels around the space or spritzing with rosewater or placing crystals around. – Kerry Burki, Author of the Free Spirit Guidebook

Little luxuries create a more zen space. My one tip to adding more peace and tranquility to your home is adding little luxuries, such a facial steamer, oil diffuser, or silk pajamas. It’s the little things that make a big difference and now you’ll be feeling more luxurious and zen, just in time for bed. – Arielle Simone

Let movie quotes lighten the space. In my home, this is one way we keep everyone laughing or deeply connected because the right movie quote paints the scene, challenge, or opportunity quickly. With two dogs, two cats, two teenagers, and two grown-ups you may hear your favorite line from The Princess Bride, Chadman Boerick’s character in Black Panther, or the stars in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga to validate and feel what was shared. – Sarah Larsen

Create a healing environment to promote a more zen space. Your home is a sacred place, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to create your own healing environment. Surround yourself with beauty and art. Feeling the energy of the love filling your home. – Mary Rockwood Lane, Healing with Hearts

Don’t forget to make your workspace zen. Since so many of us are now working from home, we suggest surrounding your workspace with crystals that are calming, loving, and protective.  Stones like rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz are amazing to promote overall wellness. You can easily keep those stones right by your desk at home in our gem-water bottle or reusable crystal straws. – Anjanette & Dominic Sinesio, Crystals for Humanity | Gem-Water

Originally published by Redfin

Are you ready to be a free spirit?

Today I am sharing with you the Introduction to my Free Spirit Guidebook and some other tidbits that will help you get the most from using this book.

“Are you ready to be a free spirit? Maybe you already are one. Either way, this guidebook will help you get grounded in your personal energy and what it means to you to be a free spirit.

The idea of being a free spirit is often associated with going against social norms. That is why I chose it as the title for this guidebook. The lessons here are not what everyone is doing every day or what you regularly see in the media.

Right off the bat, you will have to be open-minded. Allow the work in this guidebook to reveal parts of yourself that you have been searching for.

It will take courage and discipline. Often, words like discipline and structure are not words that are associated with being a free spirit. However, when you set aside time to tend to yourself regularly, you will begin to experience a level of freedom that you have never felt before.

Free spirits are known for their independence, and this guide will help you march to the beat of your own drum.

Whether you are a homebody or world traveler, the lessons in this guidebook will help you feel grounded and connected wherever you are. Get ready to embrace your journey to free spirit living! This guide is filled with simple ways to help you start enjoying life more.

It is a mix of my creations, ancient techniques from my yogic studies, tried and true life coaching exercises, along with energy work from my experience as a metaphysical teacher and intuitive counselor.

I am not going to teach you how to live my way, however. Everything I share will help you become a more authentic version of yourself. You will be drawn to different lessons and begin to use them in your unique way in your life.

You will learn how to empower yourself and shift your energy to a higher vibration.

If you commit to working on the tips and exercises, you will feel a massive positive shift in the flow and experience of your life.

This work will help you feel more like yourself and more confident in the choices you make. I am not saying you won’t have bad days.

The goal of the work I am sharing is to help you learn how to handle the ups and downs of life with more grace and ease.

You will learn how to tune out the world around you and tune into your inner wisdom. You will have resources to change your mood, your thoughts, your breath, and your life.

Your life might change, or you might change how you look at your life. Or both! Either way, you will feel empowered by the work you do and happy that you have committed to bringing positive change into your life.

Take a moment and thank yourself for taking this time for yourself.

You might want to create a special place in which to do the work in this guide. This space could be a room, a chair, a nook. Maybe just a basket or tray that will contain the tools you want around you as you work through this guide.

Doing this will help you transition from your day to taking this special time for yourself. It will become a sacred space for you. You might like to have candles, matches, incense, essential oils, etc. Make it yours.

You might like to get a special journal to write down your reflections and responses or use the printable worksheets I created for you by visiting the bonus page on my website.

There is a positive affirmation at the end of each lesson that you might like to incorporate into your life or possibly repeat when you are practicing the lessons.

There is a lot of information in this guide, and I want to let you know that you will not be incorporating all of it into your daily life. Instead, think of it as a toolbox you can use to help you get unstuck, pumped up, relaxed, goal-oriented, and so on.

When you are first starting, you might like to keep your efforts private. Honor your feelings around how you share the time you take for yourself.

You will have different needs at different times, and this guide will feel like a comforting space to come back to help you tune in and remember who you really are.

Get ready, free spirit! I hope you enjoy this journey!

xo, Kerry”

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Breath to Release Anxiety – 4-7-8 Breath

Release Anxiety with the 4-7-8 Breath

Happy New Year! I took a break from work, social media, and news and it was so relaxing. I hope you were able to find some moments of peace too.

I had planned on sharing something different this week but the events at the Capitol here in the U.S. yesterday reminded me of the 4-7-8 breath for anxiety and the video I created for you last year.

This breath is amazing for helping with anxiety.

You inhale for a count of 4.
Hold for a count of 7.
Exhale for a count of 8.

The longer exhales tell the central nervous system to calm down a bit. 

Watch the video to do the breath live with me for 1 minute.

This is nice at bedtime or anytime you are feeling anxious or worried It really helps release anxiety in the moment.


I also created a printable in case you want a visual reminder to do this breath. Click here or the image above to get yours!

Christmas Visualization for Struggling Family Members or Loved Ones

Today I am sharing a special visualization that helped me a few
years ago during Christmastime. It is perfect if you have a family member or loved one that is struggling. You can even use it for yourself. 

I took Simon, my older son, to confession at a local church the week of Christmas. I was feeling overwhelmed by a situation with a family member and shared that with the priest.

He suggested I try this visualization and it has helped me so much over the years. I am hoping that it will bring you some peace too this holiday season.

This is perfect if you have a Christian background but I share other ideas like angels, Mother Earth, or any other healing entity that will soothe you.

No matter what or how you are celebrating this time of year, I want you to know that I am holding you in light and love.

I will be taking the rest of the year off to spend time with family. Wishing you a peaceful end to 2020 and a hopeful start to 2021!

4 Tips to Gift Yourself Grace & Guidance

Gift yourself grace and guidance this holiday season! All of these tips are inspired by or based on lessons from my book, Tend To Your Vibration.

Tip 1:


  • Take a moment and breathe.
  • Inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth.
  • Even add a sighing sound on the exhale if it feels good.
  • Do this at the very least 3 times.
  • This type of breath lowers your heart rate.
  • Every time you relax, your life will flow with more ease.

Add in some shoulder tools and neck massage more a whole self-care moment to yourself.

Gift yourself grace and guidance this holiday season! Remind yourself of this anytime you are taking things personally.

Tip 2:


* Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. That doesn’t mean their behavior is not annoying or possibly hurtful but try to remember that it is a reflection of them and their life experience and has nothing to do with you. (This might take time but can certainly help during this time of year!!!)

This change in thinking I learned from Don Miguel Ruiz and Louise Hay. It is not always easy but it can help you experience a bit more grace.

Gift yourself grace and guidance this holiday season! Here is the video version of Tip 3. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Ask for guidance!

Tip 3:


  • Ask your “runners” to go find it for you and then trust that they will. (Runners are guides that love to help you find things. You can view them as people, angels, guides or simply energy.)

You are supported by the energy of the universe!

Gift yourself grace and guidance this holiday season! Do what you need to do to be open to guidance. This might include gentle things like going for a walk, breathing or yoga. You might first need to get some pent up energy out through a loud scream, punching some pillows or dancing.

Tip 4:


  • Ask God/Spirit/Universe to take your worries away. Literally, ask that in your head or out loud. Then ask what you should do next. You might hear the words “relax” or you might get an actual sign about the right next step to take.

Remind yourself that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. Stay open to creative possibilities!

For more tips check out Tend To Your Vibration.

Happy Holidays!

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