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Celtic Triple Spiral Chakra Guided Meditations

I am so excited to share with you these chakra meditations that I made for my friend, Kimberly Kling of Joyful Roots to specifically to accompany her new Triple Spiral Chakra Oils!!

“Kerry creates the most brilliant meditations and these are super simple, yet powerful! By incorporating the power of aromatherapy with your meditations, it will make the impact of the meditations even more potent.”

You can use these meditations as a set by practicing them in order with all three oils, or if you want a quicker meditation you can choose one of the oils and accompanying meditation to dive into that particular intention for the day.


Loving Assurance
Creative Expresssion

Rooted Awareness

Happy Meditating!!!

Note from Kerry:

I encourage you to check out her oils and all of her products! She lives on a ranch in southern Arizona and resources a lot of her ingredients from her garden. She has a passion for natural healing that I think you will adore.

You, however, do not have to have the oils to listen to the meditations. I would suggest picking a theme that you would like to feel and then listen to that meditation. 

How to Create Your Own Sacred Space

Do you have a special space just for you?

A space to tune in and shut out the world?

When life gets to be too much, I go to the space off of my master bedroom and I call it the Moon and Arrow Lodge. It is a place where I follow the phases of the moon, rest, read oracle cards, do yoga, journal, etc.

I want you to create a space and time so you can slow down and find that space inside you where the stresses of the world melt away and you can get back to your life feeling lighter and happier.

Here are my tips to get you started…

Some of the things you might like to bring into your own space are:

  • candles
  • matches
  • sage
  • palo santo
  • crystals
  • essential oils
  • singing bowl
  • music
  • journal
  • pen
  • inspirational books
  • oracle cards

Watch until the end to find out my fave tips for slowing down and moving forward feeling clearer, lighter, and happier!

Remind yourself that you are amazing!

You are amazing! 

Your smile, your heart, your drive.

It can be easy to get stuck in a loop of negative thoughts.

Those thoughts aren’t you.

You are light.

You are energy.

You are a force for positivity in the world.

Don’t let past mistakes get you down.

They make you relatable, wise, strong, and unique.

Your past is your secret weapon.

Allow it to fuel you, not hinder you.

The present moment is your point of power.

Where do you want to go from here?

Ask for guidance!!!

Ask out loud:

“What is the next step I should take?”

Then stay open to guidance. (It may be in the form of a hunch, an email, an idea, a billboard, etc.)

Find yourself lost in negative thoughts again?

Recognize them and tell them to shut the hell up so you can listen to your inner guidance.

Laugh. Smile. Have fun.

Find out what helps the negative self-talk get quiet and then repeat often.

Things like relaxation or bike riding or family movie time.

Remind yourself that negative chatter is really just your ego resisting change.

Your dreams are possible.

You have everything you need right now.

Now go do something that future version of yourself that you daydream about would do. 

You have the support of the universe.

xo, Kerry

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The Secret to Less Fatigue & a Calm Mind

Ahh…doesn’t less fatigue and a calm mind sound like heaven?

You probably already have some tips and tricks that you like to use and I am adding one more to your toolbox. Or possibly just a longer version.

Drumroll, please….


“The stresses of modern civilization are a strain on the nerves for which Savasana is the best antidote.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

For those of you that are not yogis, this is the relaxation practice traditionally done a the end of a yoga class.

It is also great to do at the end of the day, after a run or gym class, or simply when you are feeling stressed.

I created a Savasana video so you can experience the full 9 to 10 minutes of relaxation anytime.

The first one is a bit of an introduction about what I am writing here and the second one is the full relaxation. So go get your blankets!

Remember, it is harder to calm the mind than it is to relax the body so this is considered one of the most challenging poses in yoga.

The reason it is worth doing is that “this conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes both the body and the mind.”

I have been teaching yoga for about 14 years and have seen the length of time spent in savasana decline over the years.

In the famous yoga text by B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga, it is suggested to do 10 to 15 minutes after asana (physical poses) and 5 to 10 minutes after pranayama (breathing exercises).

Intrigued? Go relax your way into the weekend!

How to gift yourself grace & receive guidance


It became obvious last week that I had taken on too much this holiday season. I felt overwhelmed and behind.

Can you relate?

Yes? Then you are not alone.

I thought my overwhelm was because I said yes to far too many things and tried to overdeliver on all of them. What I realized is that it was because I had said no to taking care of myself.

I was waking up late and not making time for my usual breathwork, meditation, prayer, and visualization throughout the day. I found myself rushing and then collapsing at the end of the day.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry!

There is still time to give yourself the gift of grace and receive guidance this holiday season. 

I talked about doing this in our New Moon Circle in my  Facebook Group on Monday.

Here are a few tips for giving yourself and others grace:

Feeling all worked up and overwhelmed?

  • Take a moment and breathe. Inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Do this at least 3 times. Every time you relax a bit, your life will flow more effortless and ease.

(My older son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over the summer and honestly, it feels like we have been going a mile a minute ever since with learning and insulin injections. Pausing to breathe consciously has been a helpful way for me to cope and thrive. That is why you see BREATHE posts through my Instagram feed.)

Finding that the behavior of others is putting you in a bad mood?

  • Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. That doesn’t mean their behavior is not annoying or possibly hurtful but try to remember that it is a reflection on them and their life experience and has nothing to do with you. (This might take time but can certainly help during this time of year!!!

Now let’s talk a bit about receiving over the holidays. I want you to remember that you are being guided. Life can be magical when you open up to receiving this guidance.

Here are a few tips for receiving guidance:

Looking for a parking spot or the perfect gift?

  • Ask your “runners” to go find it for you and then trust that they will. (Runners are guides that love to help you find things. You can view them as people, angels, guides, or simply energy.)

Worrying about things going wrong or not being perfect?

  • Ask God/Universe/Spirit to take your worries away. Literally, ask that in your head or out loud. Then ask what you should do next. You might hear the words “relax” or you might get an actual sign about what to do.

I have done all of these to help me get back to taking care of myself and enjoying this season to the fullest. They work!

Remember that you are a light in this world. Take care of yourself.

Happy Holidays!