Happy New Moon in Scorpio! I love setting intentions on New Moons and sometimes it is nice to tap into the energy of the current sign.

Scorpio is a Water sign that is often associated with intensity, magnetism, mystery, shadow-side, loyalty, sexiness, possessiveness, power, and bravery.

I created a card spread to help you bring the positive aspects of this sign into your life.

If tarot or oracle cards are not your thing, then this is more of an intuitive journal challenge.

Here’s how this works:

Supplies: card deck (optional), journal, pen or pencil

  1. Find a quiet place where you can dedicate a little bit of time to this activity and yourself.
  2. Light a candle or incense, burn some sage or turn on an essential oil diffuser.
  3. Set the intention that this time is for introspection that will help you move forward towards your desires.
  4. Ask for guidance from God/Universe/Spirit, Mother Earth, guides, angels, etc.
  5. Take 5 deep breaths. You can follow this with some Lunar Breathing if desired.
  6. Ask the following questions. If using cards, shuffle and either pick the card you are drawn to, the one on top or bottom, or the one that falls out. No cards? Then listen to your intuition and write down what pops in your head.

1. What has been going on under the surface for me lately?

2. Does something need to bubble up?

3. Where does it feel appropriate to have a bit of mystery right now?

4. How can I embrace my darker side during this lunar cycle?

Reflect on what has come up.

Set an intention related to question 4 during this next moon cycle.

Tips for New Moon Intentions can be found here: How to Connect with the Moon Phases.

A quick place to find the moon phases for your time zone is https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/.

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