Pick the crystal you are drawn to the most and share it in the comments.

During my book launch parties, I asked people to do this and then shared the qualities associated with the one they chose and a little ritual to do based on the Working with Crystals lesson in my new Free Spirit Guidebook.

The image above shows which one you chose and then you can scroll down for your reading.

1. Selenite – You are picking up a lot of people’s negative energy. Either using selenite or imagining it in your hand, move it around your body like you are clearing it of negative energy and flick it away. After you are done, imagine yourself surrounded by white light. Repeat as needed.

2. Tiger’s Eye – You need strength in times of stress. Either carry it with you to feel more grounded or place your hand just above your navel at your Solar Plexus Chakra, imagine yellow light there and repeat, “I trust my gut instincts and stand in my personal power.

3. Red Jasper – You need help with anxiety now or in the near future. Take some time each day to breathe deeply and imagine roots coming out of your feet and base of your spine and going deep into the earth. Feel as though you draw up the stabilizing energy of the earth with each breath.

4. Snowflake Obsidian – You might experience anger over the next weeks. You can hold this stone or any stone in your hand for a quick release of anger. Put it in the sun after.

5. Sodalite – You are seeking harmony with your words and your thoughts. Take time to meditate by imagining blue light at your throat and indigo light at your 3rd eye. Forgive yourself for negative thoughts and then choose a more positive one. Also, pause before you speak.

6. Amethyst – You have been feeling like you are in the murkiness of the earthly world. Take time to imagine a 1000-petaled lotus opening on the crown of your head connecting you to the wisdom of the universe.

7. Clear Quartz Crystal – You are seeking clarity right now. Imagine a wind coming in and blowing all around you, removing old, stagnant energy. Then imagine yourself surrounded by white light. Say, โ€œI can see clearly now.โ€ Stay open to new opportunities and aha moments.

8. Rose Quartz – Love, love, love. Imagine rose-colored light around your heart. Imagine growing to surround your whole body. Then imagine it growing and surrounding the whole world. Love is everywhere and you are connected to it.

9. Howlite – Your life is asking you to be more discerning. What are some things you do that help you feel more confident in your decisions? Exercising, meditating, baths? Make sure you are doing them so you can act tactfully and joy and ease.

10. Green Aventurine – Luck and success are making their way to you if they are no already here. If you feel like you have certain behaviors or thought patterns that block you from receiving then please take a hard look at those now. You are worthy of all of your desire. Repeat. I am loving and lovable. I welcome luck and success in my life on all levels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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