Below is a ritual that you can do for any new moon. Before we get to that, I am sharing tips to make this special to the New Moon in Leo. Leo is a fire sign and is associated with the lion.

In my book, Tend To Your Vibration, I share that the energies associated with lions are powerful, strength, personal power, assertiveness, domination, regal, and king-like.

Which one do you need to tap into over the next moon cycle?

For me, it is personal power.

If you have essential oils, then pick one based on the energy you want to tap into. I might pick Cedarwood or Frankincense. Or pick it based on the color of the bottle!

Grab stones that remind you of the fiery energy of Leo, like citrine, red jasper, tigers eye, or carnelian.

Gather your supplies and find a quiet place to sit.


  • Place your stones on your altar, in front of you, or around you. (Cleanse them before if needed.)
  • Tune in with your breath. Deep breaths or Lunar Breath (left-nostril breathing) for 1 to 3 minutes. You could do Solar Breath to tap into Leo’s fiery energy also – here is a post about how to do each breath.
  • (Optional) If you have a ritual or taper candle, you can anoint the candle by rubbing your essential oil on the outside. Keep the energy you chose in your mind as you do this. No candle? You can simply diffuse or inhale the scent during the ritual.
  • Light your candle with your word, energy, or intention in mind.
  • Write down the energy you want to bring in or your intention for the next lunar cycle.
  • Hold your cards in front of your heart and ask God/Universe/Spirit and your guides to help show you how you can embody or manifest this in your life.
  • Shuffle and pull a card.
  • Journal about the message you receive.
  • Gaze at the candle flame and let your mind relax. Know that as the candle burns your intention goes from the physical world into the spirit world to be manifested back in the physical world in the future.
  • Then close your eyes and see if any more intuitive guidance shows up.
  • Write down any actions you can take to make your intention a reality.
  • Pick a stone and empower it with your intention. Hold it in your hand and imagine it being filled with white light then say your intention. 
  • Close out your ritual by returning to your breath.
  • Give thanks to God/Universe/Spirit, your guides, and yourself.
  • Blow your candle out. (Light it during the next moon cycle to tap into your intention or again on the Full Moon.)
  • Carry your stone with you or place it somewhere special to remind you of the energy you are shifting.

You can check in daily with your intention or simply during the waxing phase, the full moon, and the waning phase.

Play around with it and make it your own. You can use all of the lessons in Tend To Your Vibration to create your own rituals.

Enjoy taking this time for yourself on the new moon!


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