With the Harvest Full Moon happening next Monday, September 20th, I thought you might like to create your own playlist of music to help you enjoy this special moon.

If you get a chance to see the Harvest Moon rise it usually looks huge and orange. I’ll be teaching a class at @swiha at the time and am thinking about inviting everyone outside on our dinner break to check out the moon.

Anyway, a few years ago, I made a Lunar Playlist and shared it on my blog. It has all of my favorite moon songs. There is also a link to Spotify playlist.

I just learned that you can make playlists on YouTube too! This has probably been a thing for a while but I guess I didn’t need to know about it until now.

So if you go to my playlist on YouTube, you can save which songs you want and create your own playlist to play on nights when you are intentionally connecting to some lunar energy.

Here is the link to how to create your own playlist on YouTube.

Just want to check out the songs or listen on Spotify? Go here: https://www.kerryburki.com/your-lunar-playlist-songs-about-the-moon/

If you have songs to add, I would love to know what they are. Hit reply or tag me on social media.

Check out the Living by the Light of the Moon Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook for more ways to tune into the phases of the moon. 

Happy Harvest Moon!

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