At the end of last year, a local Indigenous artist reached out to me about mentioning sage in my book and using dreamcatchers on my cover. We ended up having a very informative conversation over Instagram about cultural appropriation and how I can be a better ally.

I wanted to let you know that I did a ton of research and started donating 5% of the profits from the guidebook to the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation. It was never my intention to share any Native American practices in this book so I have decided to change the cover and remove the words sage and smudge. 

When I started updating the book, I also decided to remove a quote from Yogi Bhajan, a Kundalini yoga teacher whose sexual abuse scandal came to light after I originally published the book.

Let me tell you that when you go back to make a few changes in a book, you find a lot more that you want to change. Lol! 

So I have done a revamp of the book, the cover, and even changed the name. This will be revealed soon so stay tuned!

If you have a copy of the book, I want you to know that the intention and energy are the same. I also want you to know that a portion of your sale went directly to the Ojibwe tribe. It means the world to me that you own this.

***If you would like a discount on the copies I have left for yourself or as gifts, here are your options:

Local? You can pick up copies of the book for $10! Just hit reply to schedule a pick-up date and time in the Phoenix area. Click here to purchase. 

Online? You can order copies for $14.00 which includes shipping in the Continental United States. Click here to purchase.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and I look forward to where this new energy will take us!

You can learn more by reading this post I shared this summer called The Problem with Using White Sage. I have updated the book to suggest rosemary, lavender, and garden sage.

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