Happy Summer Solstice! I thought you might like to pick an animal guide to be by your side for the rest of the summer.

The cards are from my printable oracle card deck that will be a part of the upcoming release of my new Guidebook. Woohoo!

  • Look at the image below. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Open your eyes. Choose the card you feel drawn to the most.ย 
  • Scroll down for the cards and messages.ย 
  • OR you can read the messages below and pick an animal that you think will be the best fit for your summer.

Have fun with this! Notice when you see your animal represented during the summer season. You might see it on pillows, in commercials, or even live!

Use the hashtag #summeranimalguide to join in the fun!

Working with Animal Guides is a fun way to feel supported!

See below for your guide!

Each morning, ask your animal to guide you through your day and to help you tap into the qualities associated with this animal that will best serve you.

Messages revealed – clockwise from top!

Frog – Allow water to be a part of your summer plans. Whether that is a lake or cool shower, try to enjoy its cleansing energy. Allow it to wash away the old and renew you. This summer might mean a time of transition. If you are the one creating it then be sure to define and take the steps to reach this desired outcome. Think of the tadpole becoming the frog.

Dog – Embrace your playful side this summer. Be fierce about doing what you love with people that you love. Schedule and make time for play especially if you struggle in that area.

Elephant – Your summer will be focused on family or those you feel strong ties with. If you do not feel a strong connection right now then perhaps you will spend time discerning your place amongst the people around you. Focus on how you feel around people and pick your own pack. Remember that it is your gentle strength that will get you through any hard times. Also, imagine an elephant at a waterhole. When life seems hard, try to go play in some water and wash away your worries.

Dolphin – If you have been trying to force things up until now then this card is suggesting that you start doing things that help you tap into your instincts so you can get into the flow of life. Your intelligence will be better utilized when you are playful and gentle. 

Hawk – Travel this summer. Even if it is a short trip. The hawk is suggesting that you look at things from a different viewpoint in order to be able to see the bigger picture. When you expand what you see your power will strengthen.

Butterfly – Allow yourself to feel light this summer. Wear flowy or comfy clothes. Eat fresh fruit and salads. Create a daily exercise to help you release tension and stress that you carry around with you. Discover news things that make you feel light and free. Allow a new part of your to emerge.

Share which animal you picked in the comments and if it has any significance already!

If you know someone that would benefit from this reading then feel free to pass it on and share the love!

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