Monday, September 23rd is the Autumn Equinox and I thought you might like to pick your animal guide to be by your side for the rest of this season.

The cards are from my printable oracle card deck that will be a part of the upcoming release my new Free Spirit Guidebook.

  • Look at the image below. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Open your eyes. Choose the card you feel drawn to the most.
  • Scroll down for the cards and messages.
  • OR you can read the messages below and pick an animal that you think will be the best fit for your fall season.

Have fun with this! Notice when you see your animal represented during this season. You might see it on pillows, in commercials, or even live!

Use the hashtag #autumnanimalguide to join in the fun!

Each morning, ask your animal to guide you through your day and to help you tap into the qualities associated with this animal that will best serve you.


Messages revealed – clockwise from top!

Owl – This fall season will bring situations that will require your keen eye and sense of intuition. If you do not feel like these are well developed, then consider beginning a practice to increase your connection to your intuition. Call on Owl for wisdom and guidance to help you see what is hidden to most others.

Buffalo – It is important for you to connect with the gratitude theme of this season. The Buffalo is here to tell you that you everything you need. Maybe you are trying to get to another level. Saying that you for what you have, looking around and using what is at hand will both help you get there. When you find yourself complaining, ask Buffalo to guide you back to gratitude and prayer.

Cat – Ah, you are being invited to enjoy both a sense of play and aloofness this season. Really explore doing things that increase your self-confidence. When you do this, it will be easier to act when the time is right. Call in Cat this season when you need luck and a bit of curiosity.

Wolf – Looks like the autumn season will be a social one for you. In certain situations, you will thrive if you learn to protect yourself from sharing too much and picking up everyone else’s negativity. In other situations, you might be called to be the guardian of others. If this seems daunting, be sure to engage in activities that will help you trust your instincts more. Call on Wolf to be by your side and definitely consider howling at the moon a few times this season.

Squirrel – Use the fall season to be working towards future goals. When you have the energy to work on your goals, seize the opportunity and get a lot done. Create a list of the things you need to do to reach your goal/s. Persevere and work hard on checking things off your list this autumn. Call on Squirrel to remind yourself to be a bit selfish when it comes to creating a future you love.

Fox – Life might come at you with sticky situations this fall season. Tap into this Fox energy and remind yourself that you have faced obstacles before and come out on top and you can do it again. Step up your exercise routine so you can feel physically and mentally prepared to master this season with the prowess of the Fox. Any time you feel stuck or scared, ask the Fox for guidance and then see what clues show up to help you more forward.

Crow – Take time this season to delve a bit deeper into an area of study that involves mysticism, magic or shadow work. When you learn the ways of the universe and gain a deeper sense of your self, you can approach your life with the cleverness of the Crow. As these studies create change in your life, imagine the Crow on your shoulder or nearby guiding you on your path to your highest good.

Spider – The spider always asks, “Are you caught in a web or weaving your own destiny?” You might like to start this season by journaling your answer to that question. If you are already weaving, then envision how your destiny looks and keep creating your web. If not, what is going on? How can you untangle yourself and begin to create your own beautiful life? Either way, call on Spider for patience as you work on yourself this season.

Feel free to share your Autumn Animal Guide in the comments!

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