Happy Autumn Equinox! Pick Your Autumn Animal Guide!

Let’s pick an animal from my Free Spirit Guidebook to be your guide for the rest of the season:

  • Look at the image below. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Open your eyes. Choose the card you feel drawn to the most.
  • Scroll down for the cards and messages.
  • OR you can read the messages below and pick an animal that you think will be the best fit for your fall season.

Have fun with this! Notice when you see your animal represented during this season. You might see it on pillows, in commercials, or even live!

Use the hashtag #autumnanimalguide to join in the fun!

Each morning, ask your animal to guide you through your day and to help you tap into the qualities associated with this animal that will best serve you.

Messages revealed – clockwise from top!
Owl – This fall season you are being asked to navigate in the dark. Remember this is a metaphor but one that you might be feeling deeply right now. Take time to strengthen your intuition by focusing on your third eye during meditation and pulling tarot or oracle cards, Call on Owl for wisdom and guidance to help you see what is hidden to most others.

Buffalo – The Buffalo is here to tell you that you everything you need already. During this season take stock of the abundance that already exists in your life. Including all of your positive attributes and strengths. This will create a vibrational energy to carry to you to the next level that you have your eye. When you find yourself complaining, ask Buffalo to guide you back to gratitude and prayer.

Cat – You are being invited to cultivate a deep sense of self this season. Take time for lots of self-care and things that increase your self-confidence. When you do this, you will emerge from this season with mix of affection and independence in your relationships.

Wolf – Your fierceness is being called upon. Listen to your intstincts and step into your role of protector and guardian. When you feel vulnerable. call on Wolf to be by your side. Definitely howl at the moon a few times this season.

Squirrel – If you have fallen behind on taking care of yourself and your goals during this pandemic, Squirrel is here to give you a boost of energy. Create a list of the things you want to catch up on. Persevere and work hard on checking things off your list this autumn. Call on Squirrel to remind yourself to resourceful when you are feeling stuck.

Fox – There is a lot of trickster energy around this year and even more so in this upcoming fall season. In order to not get overwhelmed or bamboozled, be prepared to use quick thinking. Any time you need to see through the cultural illusion, ask the Fox for guidance and then see what clues show up to guide you in the right direction.

Crow – Change is the only constant in life. Take time this season to learn how to emerge from change true to yourself. Crow might lead you to some magical practices that will help you feel more confident and also guide you through the trickster energy that is around this fall season. Imagine the Crow on your shoulder or nearby as your companion on your journey.

Spider – The spider always asks, “Are you caught in a web or weaving your own destiny?” You might like to start this season by journaling your answer to that question. If you are already weaving, then envision how your destiny looks and keep creating your web. If not, what is going on? How can you untangle yourself and emerge from this crazy year feeling good? Either way, call on Spider for patience as you work on yourself this season.

Feel free to share your Autumn Animal Guide in the comments!

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