There is a full moon Saturday night on Halloween and here is a special way to celebrate it on a personal level.

Consider creating an ancestor altar. This is the perfect time of year to connect with those who have gone before you and the altar is something you can keep up year-round if that feels right to you.

This can be something that honors and recognizes loved ones or relatives that you have never met or both. Find a space that will be relatively undisturbed. You can add photos, favorite or seasonal flowers, bits of food, or drink that was a loved one’s favorite or is special to your family history.

If you do not have a direct connection to your family line then consider this more energetic. Put things on the altar that you love. Realize that if it is something that you love that it probably connects you to many souls that came before you.

If you do put out food remember to remove it before it gets stale or moldy. Preferably compost.

Some of you might want to connect with more ancient ways so you might like to research stones, flowers, plants, and symbols that you can adorn your altar with.

Don’t forget candles. This is the perfect way for you to spend time and connect with the energy of your altar. You can have a plain candle or choose certain scents or colors that a family member loved.

You can’t go wrong here!

If you are looking for guidance possibly ask your loved ones or ancestors to help you or for a sign.

I’ll be sharing a beer with Nana Madeline on Saturday. You can also do this in celebration of All Souls Day or Day of the Dead.

Enjoy the Full Moon energy and share with a friend who might like this ritual too. XO!

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