Perfect affirmation for the waning moon! ?

Did you know that your thoughts create feelings that are felt as emotions in your heart? And those emotions create a vibrational frequency that the universe matches?


So when you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself like:

  • “I’m so flakey.”
  • “I’ll never be organized enough to ___________.”
  • “If I could just be more like __________.”
  • “I always make bad decisions.”
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing and feel so lost.”

Catch yourself and say this affirmation.

“I release thoughts that no longer serve me.”

Bonus tip: Try to turn that negative thought into a positive one or at least a positive-ish one.

  • “I get so excited about all of the possibilities around me.”
  • “Small steps every day help me reach my goals.”
  • “I’m a unique individual and my energy draws in the perfect people and situations.”
  • “I used to make bad decisions all of the time but not anymore.”
  • “Something wonderful is going to happen and I’ll be on the right path.”

Enjoy this new energy and all of the wonderful, magical things that will follow!

*Full lesson is in the Thoughts Become Things Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook.


Now I know changing your thoughts has been harder this year and I want you to know that I have been right there with you. 

I’ve struggled and gone in downward spirals many times over these last many months.

This practice helps more than anything! You don’t need crystals or tarot cards (I love them though!). You need an ally in your mind.

You got this, free spirit!

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