Today is called Lion’s Gate in astrology (8/8) and it happens when the Sun is in Leo and it aligns with the star Sirius, Earth, and Orion’s Belt.

It is supposed to be a good day for manifesting and here are 2 ways to tap into this energy:

1. Meditate and imagine a lion next to you as your guide. Ask what you need to know right now or what you need to know to manifest your dreams. Work with a Lion as your animal guide and tap into its energy to help you manifest your goals.

(You can also listen to the Animal Guide meditation on the Bonus page for my book, Tend To Your Vibration.)

    2. Write one, some, or all of the following questions, then spend 3 to 5 minutes breathing deeply, then free write anything that comes up?

      • How can I create more physical/emotional/mental strength?
      • How can I step more fully into my personal power?
      • How can I be more assertive in ___________ (certain area of your life)?
      • How can I be the dominant force in my life?
      • How can I embody a regal presence?

      Enjoy this powerful, high vibe energy today!

      The energy goes until the 12 of August so feel free to do these exercises before then if you don’t have time today.

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