I love a good lemonade on a hot summer day and want to share another way to connect with the positive energy of lemons!

Lemons are known for their cleansing properties. They are in cleaning products and a part of detoxes. You are going to tap into this cleansing energy and use it to cleanse your aura, the energetic space around your body.

  • If you have a real lemon, cut it in half or into slices and inhale the scent deeply with your eyes closed. You can also use lemon essential oil.
  • Then imagine the invigorating scent and the color yellow filling the space around you. Then imagine it filling your body.
  • Now imagine lemon slices cleansing and scrubbing away negative and stagnant energy both inside and around your body.
  • Then, while breathing deeply, visualize the lemon scent, the yellow light, and the lemon slices surrounding your body and filling your aura.

Allow this visualization to leave you feeling refreshed and squeaky clean both inside and out.

Anytime you want to tap into this feeling, simply inhale the scent of lemon or visualize those lemon slices moving around and inside your body.

You might like to add to this feeling by drinking some lemon water or lemonade.

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