Did you do a big decluttering this winter because of that Marie Kondo show? I had taken 5 carloads of stuff to Goodwill by the time my husband told me about it. I love decluttering!

Cleaning, on the other hand, not always as much. That is until I started doing it with intention.

Last year on St. Patrick’s Day I created a Mini-Luck Ritual that involved cleaning my front door and entryway.

I did it again this year and added a Lemongrass door wash for luck and wealth.

I have found that when you add intention to mundane tasks like cleaning it changes your mindset and makes it enjoyable and even magical.

Plus, you can add your own creativity too. I am sharing this ritual along with some essential oil suggestions to create your own blend of oils and water to bring good luck into your life and home!

Cleaning Ritual for Luck

Choose your front door or bedroom door. You might also like to do this for the door you the most use to enter your home like a garage door or even a door that goes to your workspace if you work from home.


  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Vacuum (optional)
  • Duster or dustcloth
  • Water bucket or bowl
  • Cloth for cleaning
  • Essential oil for luck

First, take a moment and take a deep inhale through your nose and an exhale out of your mouth.

The say mentally or out loud:

I intend to clean this area and welcome luck and joy into my life.

Next, begin to clean around the door by dusting. Try to reach the top of the door, the handles, and any crevices.

Imagine stagnant and old energy being released.

Then, sweep or vacuum the area. 

You can even say or think:

I am sweeping away (or sucking up) any blockages to luck and joy flowing into my life.

If you swept, I want to you really enjoy the process of dumping the dustpan into the garbage. If you vacuum, you might like to dump the contents right away to feel like you are removing the old energy from your home.

Now you will create your Lucky Water Wash. This simply consists of water with the essential oil of your choice for luck. There are many so you can also pick one with a smell that you really enjoy.

Essential Oils for Luck

  • Lemongrass – luck associated with wealth
  • Cedarwood – for prosperity and money
  • Bergamot – for success and money
  • Chamomile – for luck and money
  • Sweet Orange – for clearing the space and attracting luck
  • Cinnamon – for money and luck in love

You can also choose oils that simply make you feel lucky when you smell them like possibly peppermint or pine. Also, brands like Young Living have an oil blend called Abundance that would be perfect for this ritual.

Add a few drops of the oil of your choice to your bucket or bowl of warm water. Dip your cloth in the water and wring it out. Then begin to wash your door and entryway while enjoying the scent you chose.

I think it is fun to say or think positive thoughts while doing this part, like:

May this door attract luck and money into my home and life.


Allow everyone who touches this handle to have luck come their way.


May this door protect me/us and only allow good luck to enter.

Have fun with this part. Really enjoy the scent. Dump the water and start fresh if it gets really dirty. Smile while you are cleaning.

When you are finished, stand in the doorway and breathe deeply.

Imagine green light surrounding you and the doorway.

Mentally or out loud repeat:

I welcome luck and joy into my life.

Enjoy this refreshed area of your home and stay open to the luck all around you!

Spend the rest of your day and life with this welcoming attitude!

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    • Oh wonderful! Good things have been flowing into my life since I did this. Enjoy bringing more luck and joy into your life. XO!

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