Bust Through Creative Blocks

In this workshop, you’ll discover some of your creative blocks and learns ways to bust through them so you can enjoy life with more zest! Not trusting your intuition? Feeling creatively blocked? Busy comparing yourself to others? Limiting Beliefs? Not dreaming big enough? Want to feel more calm, cool, and collected? 

Let’s get you feeling like the creative rockstar you are and have fun along the way! Most recently offered at Craftcation 2022.

Simply reach out at hello@kerryburki.com or on my contact page to schedule.

Vision Board Workshops

In this workshop, you will have fun tuning into positive emotions around your desires and goals. You will discover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and learn how to release them so you can move forward. Plus, you will gain tools for manifesting your vision board all year long!

Animal Guide Workshops

In this workshop, you will:

  • Connect with your current animal guide
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your animal guide
  • Paint a multi-layered piece of artwork of your animal guide
  • Use your artwork as a way to connect with and work with your animal guide
  • Begin to use animal medicine and energy in your life

Tend To Your Vibration Oracle Readings

Kerry can set up with her book, Tend To Your Vibration, printable oracles cards, and offer free readings to everyone. If they purchase a book, the reading can be a bit longer and they can also purchase a crystal that corresponds to a lesson in the book. This can range from two hours to an all-day event.

Simply reach out at hello@kerryburki.com or on my contact page to schedule.

Free Mini Class

Does your shop or event sell crystals, essential oils, herbal bundles, or chakra and moon-related items?

Kerry can offer a free mini class on any of these to help engage customers in your items and also promote her book. These mini-classes can range from 15 to 45 minutes.

Simply reach out at hello@kerryburki.com or on my contact page to schedule.

Yoga + Meditation

Looking to add yoga or meditation to your event? I love creating classes and guided meditations that are customized to the needs of the attendees.

Examples: Beach Yoga, Chill Out Meditation, Chakra Yoga, Discover Your Creative Animal Guide Meditation, Wake up Yoga and Meditation.

Simply reach out at hello@kerryburki.com or on my contact page to schedule.

In-Person and Virtual Trainings

These range from 1 1/2 hours to 4 hours.

Follow The Moon
Learn how to live with intention, manifest with the phases of the moon, create your own self-care rituals, track your own lunar energy, and more.

This class will start on or near the New Moon and offer email support during the following moon phases.
Working with Essential Oils
Fall in love with all sorts of essential oils and learn how to infuse and diffuse them into your life for higher vibration living.

This class will focus on the oils shared in my book, Tend To Your Vibration plus include a few more blends that will help people in specific areas of their life.

All students will leave with a rollerball of their favorite oil.
Create a Magical Home
Discover how to transform your home into a magical place using decluttering techniques, essential oils, smoke clearing, imagery, crystals, colors, and more.

Everyone will leave this class with an action plan to implement at home to create a space they love which will help them love their life even more.

Want a customized option?

Simply reach out at hello@kerryburki.com or on my contact page to chat so we can create something truly unique for your audience!