Do you know what makes you feel FREE? 

Which things in your life, which actions that you take, which thoughts that you think are the ones that help you feel free and help you feel good?

When things are flowing easily in your life, it is usually because you are tapped into feeling good and feeling free.

Self-awareness can help you get into this state on a regular basis.

As I was writing the Free Spirit Guidebook, I understood that each lesson was a way for people to go from feeling negative or stuck to feeling positive and in the flow.

In addition to the lessons I shared in the book, there are things in my daily life that help me get into this feeling.

Being aware of them and also being aware of the times when I am not practicing them has changed my life.

I want you to gift yourself with this awareness so you can consistently get into a higher vibration when you notice that you are feeling blah or lost.

You can do this in a journal or use one of the printable worksheets below. 

Simply click on the images!

To get you in the right frame of mind you might like to do some breathing exercises and possibly this simple yoga sequence to help clear your aura

Doing both will help you release other people’s negative energy that you might have picked up lately.

Okay, once you are ready, let your answers flow.

Here are mine:

I feel free when I go for walks, laugh with my children, go on a date night with my husband, tidy up my house, shower, sing, dance, sit by the fire, swim, listen to the ocean, watch birds fly, listen to my cats purr, pet my cat, watch my children sleep, meditate, envision my goals coming true, exercise, relax in savasana, read a good book, listen to a good book, chat with friends, build something with my family, ride bikes with my family, take deep breaths, talk to God, angels, Bear, my higher self, my animal guides and my runners, when I clear my chakras, when I work with my crystals, when I focus on saying positive things about myself, when I have sex, after I have sex, wear pajamas I love, wear clothes that fit me and make me feel fabulous, when I declutter, when I put laundry away, when we are too busy to clean, when I look at my Free Spirit Guidebook, when I do the lessons in my Guidebook, when I share and connect with people online, when I meet other free spirits, teach others, share with others, am not giving a damn what others think, when I am donating to causes that are helping others and mother earth, when I compost, when I buy from companies that care about the environment, when I gaze at the stars, when I gaze at the moon, when I write, when I get ideas for my next book, when I am cozy in my bed, when I smell flowers.

I am not done and you won’t be done right away either. Consider having this list somewhere where you can easily add to it. Also, consider having it somewhere where you can be reminded to do these things.

Notice how some of mine are so simple. I understand that life can get crazy, and busy and overwhelming. That is why it is nice for you to remember that smelling flowers or focusing on your breath make you feel good. 

When you are aware of these things then you make sure you are doing them everyday even if it is just one of them.

This will raise your vibration and when you do the the universe responds by bringing you more things that match that vibration.

Keep it up. You got this!

xo, Kerry

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