Vision Board Workshops 2022

Booking now through the beginning of 2022

Reach out to for availability.

Are you ready to make 2022 a huge success? Let’s start by making a vision board!

In this workshop you will:

– get still and tune into your desires and goals

– share the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back

– learn tips to release them so you can move forward

– find images and words that bring your goals and desires to life 

– have fun creating a vision board to help you manifest your dreams

– learn how to tap into positive emotions around your desires

– tips for manifesting your vision board all year long

You will leave with either a finished or semi-finished vision board. Some people love to have a few more days to add more after the event. You will also receive handouts of the techniques you learned so you can bring them into your daily life.

After the event, you will feel excited about the future and all the ways you learned to manifest your goals and desires!

I supply two different size foam boards for people to choose from along with glue sticks, washi tape, and markers. I bring some magazines and ask all the attendees to start saving their favorite magazines leading up to the event. They can also bring any other creative elements they might like to add to their board.

This will be a 2 to 3 hour workshop.

Pricing varies. It depends on location, supplies, and the number of attendees.

Reach out to me at or on my contact page for more information and to schedule.

A little about me:

I’m Kerry Burki and I am the author of Tend To Your Vibration. I am also a part of the Business Team Faculty at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts teaching about how to use masterminds in your business and applying the law of attraction in your work. I am dedicated to helping people get unstuck and into the flow of life. I do this using breathing techniques, yoga, life coaching exercises, Emotional Freedom Technique, vision boards, moon cycles, the law of attraction, Human Design, tarot, and more. I love finding out what works best for you and showing you how to have fun creating your own unique life!