This is a Kundalini Yoga exercise called Technique for Radiance.

It is also sometimes called a Meditation to Regain Youthfulness.


  • More radiant skin
  • Rejuvenates muscles
  • Reduces grey hairs

Those things help make us feel more confident and the big benefit is learning how to use your body to learn how to feel radiant.

Yogi Bhajan talks about how our saliva is connected to our endocrine system and that is why doing that breath will increase your vitality.

You can do this in the morning, before bed, or has a mid-day meditation.

You might like to repeat an affirmation like “I am a beautiful and radiant being.”

Do this a few times a week or challenge yourself to do it for a certain amount of days in a row. It would be perfect to do after this mini-yoga sequence called How To Clear Your Aura.

True beauty comes from the inside out and this is another way for you to feel confident and radiant as yourself.

xo, Kerry

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