Tomorrow (8/27/22) is a New Moon in Virgo and I just love that it is always around back-to-school time because the energy is so grounding and helps us get back into a schedule.

The new moon is an ideal time for setting new intentions and beginning new projects. It is when the moon is between the earth and the sun, therefore, it is hidden from view.

Consider setting an intention with a Virgo twist for the next lunar cycle or to create a shift by the next Full Moon in Virgo in March. It is an Earth sign and the keywords associated are grounded, order, helpfulness, perfectionism, cleanliness, helper, selfless, and analytical.

Write down your intention starting with ”I am” or ”I intend.” You can write this in a journal or on a piece of paper. Say your intention out loud.

How would you feel if these statements were true?

Tap into that feeling. visualize what it would look like. Do this daily during the moon cycle for extra energy around your intention.

If you have my book, Tend To Your Vibration, you can plan out the lunar cycle by filling out the worksheet from the BONUS section online during the New Moon. This will guide you during the phases.

For those of you that like to do card readings, try the one above to help get some insight on how to move forward in the direction you want to go during the next four weeks.