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Guided Meditation For Relaxation (My Super Relaxation Meditation)

2022 will feel a lot different if you begin to do this on a regular basis!

I shared this guided meditation for a vision board workshop that I recently hosted and everyone loved it and told me that it helped them shift their energy and their mood. They said that it helped them feel more positive and able to welcome what they wanted to put on their vision boards.

It is also perfect for when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed.

It really helps you relax and chill out and release stress which we all really need right now.

It is a great way to get into your body. We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves. Me included, I have a very hard time getting off my phone. So often we are looking and comparing ourselves to what other people are doing.

That is why I like to share ways that we can come from a calmer, happier, more peaceful place.

In this meditation, you will be guided to focus on different points of your body. The body always gravitates towards a state of equilibrium so without any effort on your part if there is any tension in these areas they will relax just by bringing your awareness to them. Just holding these areas in your awareness allows constrictions to fall away.

You may start to notice a new vibrancy.

At the end, notice how your body is feeling physically. Notice your emotions or just your general state.

If you are in a place where it is comfortable you might want to lay down on your back for a few moments like savasana in yoga. This can allow the benefits of what you have been doing to permeate and register there.

When you do decide to get up, I suggest that you get up slowly.

Notice the vibrancy of the colors and the light. Just come back slowly into your environment.

Enjoy how you feel!

Guided Relaxation Meditation for Stress Relief

This guided relaxation is perfect after a long day or whenever you are feeling stressed. I gently guide you to relax each part of your body. This has a profound calming effect on your body, mind, and nervous system.

I have been doing this type of relaxation for over 20 years and it works every time. I hope you enjoy it!

xo, Kerry

Spread Love – A Heart Chakra Meditation

When I feel like the world needs a bit more love and I wish I could help, I try to end my days with a special meditation in which I envision that I am sending love and compassion from my heart to the whole world.

When there are special people on my mind, I pause and focus on them for a bit during this meditation.

Guided Heart Chakra Meditation

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take some deep breaths through your nose.
  • Then let your breath relax.
  • Picture your heart center.
  • Imagine love and compassion in and around your heart as light.
  • Pick a color for the light.
  • Let that light grow to encompass your whole body.
  • Let it grow to encompass your house or apartment building and all of the people in it.
  • Visualize it expanding to your neighborhood and city.
  • Then your state and country.
  • Then neighboring countries.
  • Then the whole world.
  • Visualize the whole world in your loving and compassionate light.
  • You are sending your positive and loving energy to every person, place, and creature.
  • Breathe.
  • Relax.
  • Open your eyes and continue on with your day or keep them closed and go to sleep.

Repeat often.

It is so healing.

There is scientific research confirming the heart is sending out light and electromagnetic wave fields. I love this excerpt from the book Playing in the Unified Field by Carla Hannaford, PhD:

“All the neurotransmitters found in the brain are also found in the heart. The heart actually appears to have its own sensitivity to the world, and exhibits that with intelligence, to the extent that the brain energetically revolves around the heart, and not the other way around.

The heart generates an electromagnetic energy field (EMF) that is 60 times greater than the field of the brain (as measured externally by a SQUID). It is the largest EMF within the body system, extending 8–16 feet around the body. People’s hearts are powerful transmitters, constantly sending out light and electromagnetic wave fields. The physical “antennae” able to pick up these waves is the entire body with its sensory apparatus and huge heart field.”

*** I talk about thinking of a color of the light of love that you send from your heart and I want to share some ideas:

  • go with the first color that pops into your mind
  • use green because it is the color associated with the heart (Anahata) chakra
  • go traditional with pink or red
  • use white light for healing

Eventually, you will do this without listening to a recording. You can lie in bed and just use your imagination. You can also use it to send love to a specific person too. I LOVE doing that!

You are a compassionate and loving person.

Your heart can heal the world!

xo, Kerry

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