One of my favorite Free Spirit Living tips is following the phases of the moon. You will start to feel magical when you notice which phase the moon is in when you gaze up the sky.

If you are just getting started in this area, then use this printable as a reminder to look up and notice which phase the moon is in.

You can also set intentions on the new moon.

Take action towards them when the moon is growing or waxing. You can tell it is in this phase when it is lit on the right side.

Express gratitude and practice a ritual when the moon is full.

Release old habits or negative patterns while the moon is waning. This is when the moon is lit on the left side.

Take time to rest right before the next new moon.

You can also track your energy by noticing how you feel during different phases.

Sometimes it is just fun just to notice what phase the moon is in on any given day. You can click here to learn how to connect with the phases of the moon.

You can print this out and either hang it with some fun washi tape or punch a hole in the top and hang it by some pretty string. I also suggest trimming the sides.

I based the dates on Arizona. Only July and September will show up a day later if you are on the east coast. Go here to confirm the dates in your time zone. The energy of the full moon last 3 days before and after so no need to get too hung up on the time.

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Have fun and always feel free to reach out with questions!