candle ritual

Ritual For Anxiety

Something I’ve been doing in 2022 when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed about situations and people I can’t control is lighting a candle for them.

Sometimes I even write a little message on a piece of paper and place it under the wax. 

Did you know that you can pull tea lights out of their containers? 

I cut little strips of paper, write down an intention or request, fold it up, place it in the tin, place the candle back on top, then I light the candle while thinking or saying my intention. (See photo above)

Example: Archangel Michael and Metatron, please watch over _______. Thank you.

I tend to say more than I write like, “Archangel Michael, can you please protect _______ from lower energies and Archangel Metatron, can you please nurture _______’s sensitive nature. Thank you.”

I have found that when I do this, it lessens my anxiety and allows me to be more open to see solutions or handle situations with a bit more calm.

You can also pick candles based on their colors or chakra association too. I share in the photos below info about Blue and the Throat chakra from my book, Tend To Your Vibration.

You don’t have to have any spiritual beliefs to do this either. You can ask the Universe, ancestors, or Mother Nature for help or simply light the candle as a way of easing your anxiety or worry.

What matters most are your thoughts and energy. 

I have already grown so much this year and this ritual for anxiety has helped me so much that I wanted to share it with you too.


p.s. I like to ask Archangel Michael to protect, clear, and shield myself and my loved ones. Archangel Metatron is mentioned in the Talmud and some people believe is helpful with parenting sensitive children. 

Candle Gazing: Gift Yourself A Moment of Peace

I’m popping in to share a quick and simple way to give yourself a moment of peace this holiday season. 

It’s called Candle Gazing and it is a lesson from Tend To Your Vibration.

  • Light a taper candle and have it about a foot in front of you, preferably at eye level.
  • Gaze at the candle for one minute.
  • Close your eyes and imagine the flame at your third eye (the spot between your eyebrows) for two minutes. 
  • Cup your hands over your eyes and take a few breaths.

That’s it! 

This activity helps increase feelings of oneness with the universe and reduces feelings of separation.

I have been so busy lately and absolutely loving every second but my life flows better when I take these small moments so tend to my vibration.

I did this the other day and just love how fast I can create a sense of calm.

If you want to do this right now, I made a one-minute video of my candle flame for you to gaze at, and then you can set a timer for two minutes to close your eyes after or simply try to keep them closed longer than you gazed at the candle.

I like to use the Insight Timer app on my phone to create an interval timer so I don’t have to count or worry about messing with my phone during this short meditation. You simply set a 3-minute timer with an interval bell at one minute and an ending bell.

All the lessons in my Tend To Your Vibration guidebook help give you a moment of peace so you can enjoy life and allow more beautiful things to come into your experience.


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