Did you know that there is an energy field around your body called your aura? Have you ever wondered how to clear your aura? Today I am sharing a mini-yoga sequence that will do just that!

I started doing this sequence midday to help move my body and feel like I was releasing stress and other people’s energy that I had picked up.

Now I use it a few times a day and imagine that it clears my aura with each movement.

Do you ever feel cruddy, off, annoyed, or upset out of nowhere and wonder why?

A lot of times it can come from things that you did like going on social media or a phone call that triggers something or stirs something up you haven’t felt in a while.

Another reason this happens is that you pick up energy from other people like negativity, anxiety, or sadness.

If this sounds familiar, I want you to picture yourself walking around with a white bubble of an aura around you during the day. What do you think that looks like at the end of a day like this?

I imagine that it is all stuck in my aura, making me feel yucky, and I need to get rid of it before I let it get me down or before I go to bed.

This sequence is great at any time of day. Imagine the movements clear the energetic space around you. Afterward, imagine a shiny, sparkly, white aura all around you filled with love and positivity.


Plus, moving your body this way helps release tension and tightness that you carry in your body so you should feel lighter and more relaxed after too.

p.s. Watch it all the way through the first time and then when you want to do it in the future fast-forward to the 2:25 mark.