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Free spirits are known for their independence, and this guide shares 30 empowering lessons that will help you confidently march to the beat of your own drum with joy and ease.

The intention of this guidebook is to show you how to live a free spirit life.

Kerry Burki has combined ancient techniques with modern concepts to teach you:

WORKING WITH NATURE – Part 1 is full of tools and techniques that use the physical world to help release stress and cope with life so you can relax and be happy. Lessons: Working with Crystals, Flower Clearing Exercise, Candle Gazing, Decluttering is Magic!, Clear Your Space with Smoke and Sound, Working with Essential Oils, Change Your Posture, Change Your Life.

WORKING WITH YOUR BREATH – Part 2 teaches breathing exercises that will help you shift your energy in positive ways while bringing health benefits to your body and mind. Lessons: Connecting the Sun, the Moon, and your Breath – Releasing Breath – Meeting Challenges with Victory Breath – Breath of Fire – Alternate Nostril Breathing

WORKING WITH YOUR THOUGHTS – Part 3 includes self-life coaching exercises to help you remove blocks and switch to a more positive mindset by discovering what makes you happy, learning to love yourself as you are right now, believing that you are worthy of your dreams. Lessons: Check In – Have Fun & Draw In – More or Less – Letter to Younger Self – Thoughts Become Things – I AM Meditation – Dream Big

WORKING WITH YOUR IMAGINATION & ENERGY – Part 4 will teach you how to go from coping to thriving by using techniques to help you worry less, trust yourself more and feel connected to yourself & the universe. Lessons: Get Grounded – Tap into your Intuition – Working with Animal Guides – Working with your Runners – Color Energy – Naming Your Higher Self – Working with Angels – Clearing Visualization – Protection Visualization – Knowing your Chakras – Living by the Light of the Moon

It is perfect for recovering: People pleasers, complainers, party people, and worrywarts.

This guidebook includes digital bonuses such as printable planners, worksheets, moon charts, and oracle cards along with a few recorded guided meditations.

Praise for Kerry Burki and her Free Spirit Guidebook:

“I really enjoyed the guidebook, it’s full of happiness, and it really helps you see the little joys all around.” – Dawn Pratt, Artist

“Kerry is fabulous, generous, authentic, radiant, and fun. She must continue on the path of offering her divine beauty and brilliance to the world.” – Tess Whitehurst, Author

“I love that you can pick any section that you are in the mood for and apply exercises or rituals for whatever is bothering you.” – Tina Potamos Kulias, EFT Practitioner

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