$111 – 1 SESSION 

$333 – 4 SESSIONS

I help busy moms carve out time for themselves so they can create a magical vibe in their lives.

Would you love to…

  • Release stress and tension from your body and mind?
  • Learn to deepen your connection to your intuition?
  • Trust yourself and your decisions more?
  • Have support and accountability as you take steps to create a magical life you love?

Yes? Then sign up for a Private Session or Package with me!

Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Available in-person in the Phoenix-area or virtually on Zoom. 


Ready? Let me share how this works: 

  1. Click here or the BOOK NOW button below to sign up. You will receive the link to our Zoom session within 48 hours of booking. 
  2. Your session will begin with a short conversation about what is going on your life, then do about 30 to 40 minutes of yoga and meditation. After that we will work with your intuition and oracle cards. Then we will have more conversation and coaching around what came up. We will finish by setting a goal or action step for you to take. 
    I can hold you accountable by setting up follow up sessions or you can just do the one session. Multiple sessions can be scheduled weekly, every other week, monthly, or every other month.
  3. You will then head out into the world feeling relaxed and in touch with the real, magical you.

*Don’t see a time that works?

Shoot me an email at with your availability to see if we can make it work.