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Positive Affirmations Guided Meditation

Would you love another way to tap into your free spirit energy and lifestyle?

I create a guided mediation of the positive affirmations that are at the end of each lesson of my Free Spirit Guidebook like the one above which comes after the Tapping Into Your Intuition lesson.

This meditation will help you:


I would encourage you to listen to it on a regular basis to help you continue the work in the book.

Notice which affirmations stand out and that might be your intuition nudging you to work with that lesson.

However, you do not need the book to benefit from the meditation.

If you are considering getting or gifting the Free Spirit Guidebook, I still have about 30 copies left on sale.

Once they are gone, the price will go back up.

Grab your copy here: Free Spirit Guidebook Sale.

xo, Kerry

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