Happy April Fool’s Day!

In tarot, the first card (which is actually 0) is The Fool. In my favorite deck, Medicine Woman, it is called Seed.

“All the power that ever was or will be exists now. I am therefore ready and willing to risk the loss of what I have been and move on to what I can become. I am the power to begin.”

If you are looking to start on a new journey on this Aries New Moon then let the energy of this card guide you.

Do something this week, or plan to do something, that you have always wanted to do.

This is the energy of new beginnings, leaps of faith, journeys and innocence.

Embrace being the fool setting out and letting the wind carry your seeds (ideas, inspirations, desires) to new destinations.

Spend some time visualizing all the places your life could go. Take some steps to tend to your health so you can enjoy the beautiful life unfolding.

Carry citrine, green aventurine, and sodalite with you.

Your interpretation: What is your first impression? What colors stand out? What would the woman in the card say to you right now? Does the image look familiar in your own life? What story is unfolding?

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