When you step away from your calendar and lists of “todos” to pay attention to the cycles of the moon it allows room for magic to enter your life and increases your ability to connect with something much larger than yourself.

Each month a group of women join together under the Full Moon for gratitude, relaxation, and this month, paddleboards!

Take time for yourself under the moon so you can be open to all of the blessings coming your way.

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What people are saying:

My instructor from full moon yoga last night was probably one of the coolest people ever!

– Dawn Pratt

Kerry’s full moon yoga is positively full of magic! This gentle yoga class went beyond just stretching my body. Kerry delighted me with an oracle card reading that really touched my soul and left me full of possibility and “homework” to give myself a flower and salt foot soak. It was a total mind, body and spirit experience that carried me through the monthly moon cycle! I left feeling so loved and uplifted.

– Kristen Fagan

Thank you for a very special and calming evening, Kerry! I definitely need to do that more often!

– Gina Coletta

Kerry’s Full Moon Yoga class is a refreshing and beautiful way for me to stop and recharge my spirit. The yoga is gentle and helps to put me in the present moment while Kerry brings her beautiful spirit (and some surprises!) to help guide our practice. It is a not-miss event to put on your calendar every month!

– Erin Edwards

Thank you for the blissful evening! It’s always a powerful experience and there’s always a sweet little surprise. Makes my heart sing ❤️

– Janet Ellis