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Free Spirit To-Do List

You might not always associate Free Spirits with to-do lists but if you have read my Free Spirit Guidebook then you will have learned that setting time aside to tend to yourself regularly can give you a level of freedom that you have never felt before.

With my kids back in school, I have been playing around with a semi-daily to-do list that I made for myself and I thought you might enjoy using it too.

I say “semi-daily” because each personality is different. You might like this daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly. Whichever one suits you, I hope you enjoy this list and guide below!

How to Use your Free Spirit To-Do List:

Whew! I promise it won’t take you as long to fill this out as it did to read all of this. Lol! I hope you enjoy bringing this activity into your life.

I made a pdf with two copies on one side. You can print on both sides if you want to print a bunch and like to save paper.

Enjoy free spirit!

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