A couple of weeks ago I was flying from Chicago to Phoenix with my 18-month-old to find a house for our upcoming move. The whole morning was going great and we even ended up with an empty seat beside us on the plane. A dream come true for a mama flying with a toddler on her lap. About 10 minutes after boarding we found out that the flight was delayed. It continued to get delayed for a total of three hours. We were not allowed off the plane. The woman in front of me was freaking out and got off the plane with her two children. I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to take some of my own advice that I offer in my yoga classes. Breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity. Breathe in things I can control, breathe out things I cannot control.

I went into the bathroom to change my son’s diaper, looked in the mirror and said the above mantra out loud. Then I made it fit my current situation. I said, “Breathe in what I can control, like my attitude about being delayed, breathe out what I cannot control like when this plane takes off.” I will admit that I smiled and laughed at my reflection but that moment made the rest of the delay, flight, and day so much better and even enjoyable.

It occurred to me later that my situation was similar to what people start to experience during the holiday season. I wanted to share my experience and create a reminder that even though you cannot control your situation you can control your reaction to it. (just click on the above images to print out the cards!)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and learn to inhale the positive and exhale the negative. For help on some deep breathing be sure to check out these two short videos I made: Deep Breaths +ย Ujjayi Breath.

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