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Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board Workshops 2022

Booking now through the beginning of 2022

Reach out to for availability.

Are you ready to make 2022 a huge success? Let’s start by making a vision board!

In this workshop you will:

– get still and tune into your desires and goals

– share the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back

– learn tips to release them so you can move forward

– find images and words that bring your goals and desires to life 

– have fun creating a vision board to help you manifest your dreams

– learn how to tap into positive emotions around your desires

– tips for manifesting your vision board all year long

You will leave with either a finished or semi-finished vision board. Some people love to have a few more days to add more after the event. You will also receive handouts of the techniques you learned so you can bring them into your daily life.

After the event, you will feel excited about the future and all the ways you learned to manifest your goals and desires!

I supply two different size foam boards for people to choose from along with glue sticks, washi tape, and markers. I bring some magazines and ask all the attendees to start saving their favorite magazines leading up to the event. They can also bring any other creative elements they might like to add to their board.

This will be a 2 to 3 hour workshop.

Pricing varies. It depends on location, supplies, and the number of attendees.

Reach out to me at or on my contact page for more information and to schedule.

A little about me:

I’m Kerry Burki and I am the author of Tend To Your Vibration. I am also a part of the Business Team Faculty at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts teaching about how to use masterminds in your business and applying the law of attraction in your work. I am dedicated to helping people get unstuck and into the flow of life. I do this using breathing techniques, yoga, life coaching exercises, Emotional Freedom Technique, vision boards, moon cycles, the law of attraction, Human Design, tarot, and more. I love finding out what works best for you and showing you how to have fun creating your own unique life!

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How to Create a Summer Vision Board

What kind of summer do you want?

How do you want to feel at the end of summer?

These are the questions I want you to ask yourself before diving into this project.

A vision board is a collage showing things you would like to attract to your life or shows the vibe of the life you desire.

Your vision board will focus on something specific, summer. To make a vision board, cut pictures and phrases out of magazines, print images from websites, and/or include your own photos in the collage.

Next, glue the images and words onto a piece of poster board and place it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis or in a journal if you are traveling this summer. It can be tucked inside or you can make it the cover like I did.

For more tips, watch my video below!

Spend time in front of your board every day – then spend at least 5 minutes every day visualizing how you would feel if everything on the board was your current reality.

Then act like the person you would if this was your reality right now.

When making decisions this summer, use your board as your guide.

Will this help me achieve my goal/s? 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Feel free to share your summer goals below in the comments.

Are you inspired you to create your own vision board? Show me on social media and tag @kerry_burki.

Guided Meditation For Relaxation

2022 will feel a lot different if you begin to do this on a regular basis!

I shared this guided meditation for a vision board workshop that I recently hosted and everyone loved it and told me that it helped them shift their energy and their mood. They said that it helped them feel more positive and able to welcome what they wanted to put on their vision boards.

It is also perfect for when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed.

It really helps you relax and chill out and release stress which we all really need right now.

It is a great way to get into your body. We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves. Me included, I have a very hard time getting off my phone. So often we are looking and comparing ourselves to what other people are doing.

That is why I like to share ways that we can come from a calmer, happier, more peaceful place.

In this meditation, you will be guided to focus on different points of your body. The body always gravitates towards a state of equilibrium so without any effort on your part if there is any tension in these areas they will relax just by bringing your awareness to them. Just holding these areas in your awareness allows constrictions to fall away.

You may start to notice a new vibrancy.

At the end, notice how your body is feeling physically. Notice your emotions or just your general state.

If you are in a place where it is comfortable you might want to lay down on your back for a few moments like savasana in yoga. This can allow the benefits of what you have been doing to permeate and register there.

When you do decide to get up, I suggest that you get up slowly.

Notice the vibrancy of the colors and the light. Just come back slowly into your environment.

Enjoy how you feel!

Vibration Sessions

vibration SESSION + Intuitive mentorship

$195 – 1 SESSION

$495 – 3 SESSIONS

$1295 – 9 SESSIONS



Are you so over any of the following?

  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Getting stuck in negative comments on social media
  • Being a people-pleaser
  • Allowing the news to bring you down every day
  • Feeling like everyone has done a “better” job than you
  • Picking up everyone else’s negative energy
  • Worrying about the next right step in your business

Maybe you are ready for one of these below?

  • A cheerleader that helps you see yourself in a brand new light
  • Discovering how your unique energy can help you navigate life with ease
  • Tools that you can weave into your day so you can feel good and have fun
  • Support as you take the next big step towards your dreams

Did you answer yes?? 

That yes is like waving a magic wand.


  • Discover your own unique way of moving through the world
  • Release time sucks and energy drains from your daily life 
  • Get clear on your big dreams and get ready to manifest them.
  • Remind you of your big desires so you don’t get side-tracked by FOMO
  • Teach you tips and techniques to help you shift into a positive mindset
  • Grow your business in the right direction.


  • I am unique. Just like you! Once I started to follow my own path and truly live the lessons in my Tend To Your Vibration Guidebook my life got really easy and a lot more fun. I want to help you discover your own unique path.
  • I have gifts. Just like you! I have been told that I have a gift for seeing potential, sharing magical and spiritual subjects like Breathing Techniques, Yoga, Visualization, Human Design, and more in a relatable way, and that am really good at raising people’s confidence in themselves and holding them accountable. My gifts can help you tap into yours.
  • I like things to be fun. Just like you! I’m going to open you up to a whole new way of living and we are going to have fun along the way.
  • I am a mama bear. Maybe not just like you, heehee. I will nurture you and make you feel safe during this time of growth. I will also help you discover which animal energy will best serve you during this experience. 
  • I show you a whole new you. You are already amazing and I want you to know that. Taking time to tune into yourself, discovering your desires, and learning ways to bring them into your life will have you feeling like a more lit-up version of yourself that you have only dreamed about.


Not used to booking services online? No worries. Let me share how this works: 

  1. Within 24 hours of booking your Vibration Session, you’ll get an e-mail from me with a quick Discovery Survey which will help us make the most out of our time together. You will also receive the link to our Zoom session. ***Don’t see a time that works? Shoot me an email at with your availability to see if we can make it work.
  2. Before our meeting, I’ll be diving into and pulling out all of the relevant info based on what you share in your Discovery Survey. If you have a business, I will be following you online and taking notes.  
  3. We meet for our Vibration Session and chat for approximately an hour and a half. We will have many ah-ha moments and positive energetic shifts. We will figure out actions steps for you to move forward and plan a follow-up email.
  4. Your session will include some of the following: breathing techniques, life coaching exercises, Emotional Freedom Technique, vision boards, moon cycles, the law of attraction, Human Design, tarot, and more. 
  5. Then you head out into the world feeling magnetic and more in touch with the real you.


In the follow-up sessions, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn more about your unique way of moving through the world.
  • Enjoy accountability for the actions you are taking.
  • Be able to pick my brain about social media, law of attraction, workshops, mindset, services, and more.
  • Have the opportunity to learn even more in each session.
  • Schedule follow-up calls to help keep you on track. Sessions can be completed in 1 to 3 months. We will have a final email wrap-up session.


In addition to everything listed above, you will:

  • Uncover your desires and how you truly want to feel in your life.
  • Commit to working on getting into the energy of your dream life between each session.
  • Have my weekly support to keep you on track.
  • Experience a positive shift in the flow of your life.
  • Now how to co-create with the Universe and feel good about yourself. Sessions can be completed in 9 to 12 weeks.


In addition to everything listed above, you will:

Have unlimited email access to me for 3 months while working together!



Reach out to with any questions!

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Tend To Your Vibes To-Do List

If you have read my book, Tend To Your Vibration, then you will have learned that setting time aside to tend to yourself regularly can give you a level of freedom that you have never felt before.

With my kids back in school, I have been playing around with a semi-daily to-do list that I made for myself and I thought you might enjoy using it too.

I say “semi-daily” because each personality is different. You might like this daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly. Whichever one suits you, I hope you enjoy this list and guide below!

How to Use Your To-Do List:

  • Date: Add the date here (this takes the pressure off of having to do this every day if that is not your jam)
  • Moon Phases: Check in on what phase the moon is and write it in this space. Bonus: Check the Living by the Light of the Moon Lesson in my Free Spirit Guidebook to help you create rituals or actions to do during each phase) or use this blog post as a guide: How To Connect to the Moon Phases.
  • Check Boxes: Breathing, Exercise, Meditation, and Vision Board are 4 things I recommend doing as much as possible.
    • Breathing: You can find breathing exercises in Tend To Your Vibration and also on my blog here:
    • Exercise: Any type of movement that makes you feel good like dancing, yoga, or a walk can count as exercise.
    • Meditation: You can practice your fave form of meditation, or sit for a few minutes after breathing as your meditation, or listen to the ones I have added to the bonus section online of my book, listen to these on my blog:
    • Vision Board: Spend a few moments in front of your vision board on a regular basis feeling like all of it has come true. Use the lessons in the Working with Your Thoughts section of my book, Tend To Your Vibration to help you manifest it into life. Don’t have a vision board? Here are some tips:
  • Water: Did you know that you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day? I added the average of 8 glasses here even though I personally have to drink more. (Let me know if you want a version of this with more glasses). You can cross the glasses off or color them in with a blue colored pencil. Such a fun way to keep track of water consumption. Drinking water will help you in every area of your life. I promise! 
  • Crystal: Pick a crystal to work with either daily or for a bit of time. You can write down the crystal in this space. I like to either pick one I am drawn to or pick one based on the energy associated with it. You can find out more in my book and also in this post: Pick and Crystal – Mini Reading.
  • Intuitive Hints and Synchronicities: If you start doing this work on a regular basis, then you will start to see evidence of your dreams coming true and receiving guidance in your daily life. It is so important to record these moments as proof that your efforts are working and to keep your vibration at a level that keeps manifesting more of what you want. I also carry a little notebook around to write these down on the fly. This is inspired by most of my book but especially the Have Fun & Draw In lesson.
  • Card Pull: I love pulling a card a day after asking “What do I need to know right now?” You can do this at the beginning of the day and reflect back later or do it at the end of the day and notice what comes up. You can also use the printable oracle cards from the online bonus section of my book. They will give you guidance on which lessons might have to most impact on your life right now.
  • I am grateful for: Lastly, it feels so good to express what you are grateful for on a regular basis. Bonus: What to really feel good? After you write what you are grateful for add “because” and then finish the sentence. This amps up the feeling of gratitude which makes your life that much more enjoyable.

Whew! I promise it won’t take you as long to fill this out as it did to read all of this. Lol! I hope you enjoy bringing this activity into your life.


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