full moon yoga - self-care, yoga pose, positive affirmation, breathing technique

One of my favorite parts of my monthly Full Moon Yoga classes are the activities or rituals that each person gets at the end. Sometimes they are completed right then and others are more detailed and done later at home.

Since many of you live out of town or cannot always make it to the live class I am really excited to give you a bit of homework and a ritual to do on your own during the next moon phase which starts Sunday, July 23rd 2017.

I would like to offer you a Personalized Moon Phase Ritual. This will be a combo of a new moon intention, yoga pose(s), affirmations, breathing technique, crystal or stone suggestions, a surprise activity for your full moon ritual, plus email coaching during the moon phase!

You will receive guidance and support on any issue that is coming up for you.

If you are interested, enter the following information in the special instructions box below:

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  • Area in your life where you are feeling stuck or would like some guidance

I will respond in within 48 to 72 hours (Monday through Friday) after I have your info. I just started doing these and am loving them so I am making it only $44. Woohoo!

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