KERRY Magazine – Issue #2

A transformative magazine that uses real women as models. The 2nd issue shares A Letter To Your Younger Self to help you release some old baggage you might be holding onto so you can move forward toward your dream life. The main feature shares letters from regular, amazing women accompanying photos of their younger and current selves. This featured section will help you realize that you are not alone and will inspire you to look to your past to help make your future brighter.

Also included in this issue:

  • Adult Coloring Page from Artist, Nadia Goldstein
  • Undisguied by Poet, Nakesha Lee
  • Mindful Moments and Printables by Artist and Author, Tamara Hackett
  • Yoga For Every Body – Tree Pose by Yoga teacher, Rachel Durben
  • Book Review by Writer, Jen Campisano
  • Handmade Artist Feature of Janelle Gurchinoff of Spirit Cat Art.

Every issue supports small businesses, and even has a printable worksheet to help you go after your dreams!


Kerry magazine issue 2

KERRY Magazine – Issue #1

If you have dreamed of a magazine that shows all women as beautiful then you are in the right place! In this inaugural issue, real women are used as models and share when they feel beautiful. This magazine encourages you to feel beautiful as you are right now.

Also included in this issue:

  • Infused Water Recipes from Chef, Len Jefferson-Springer
  • Best Band Picks from Summer Music Festival Production Manager, Karen “Jasper” Gacula
  • Yoga For Every Body by Yoga Teacher, Rachel Durben
  • Book Review by Writer, Nicole Wright
  • Handmade Artist Feature Cassie Uhl of Zenned Out Jewelry

This magazine also supports small businesses, and even has a printable worksheet to help you go after your dreams!





Praise for KERRY magazine:

Awesome! Really enjoyed this! – Aimee

I can’t even begin to describe how inspiring your magazine will be for countless women!! – Meeghan Seoane

Are you looking for an online magazine that pictures models that are real-life women, supports local businesses, and celebrates you as beautiful right now? Not 20 pounds from now, Not after-the-kids-have-started-school from now, not once-I’m-in-a-relationship from now. Check out the inaugural issue of Kerry magazine, just launched Friday. It is encouraging and positive and one-of-a-kind! – Janice Plado Dalager

Awesome magazine!!! Love it! – Susie 

This is amazing! – Becky 

An awesome magazine! – Nancy Heflin 

Here’s a fantastic online magazine featuring everyday women – no models. The main feature was the answer to the question “I feel beautiful when..” – Anne

Really cool! Nice work and inspiring. – Molly Dean Chang 

BEYOND AWESOME! Love it! – Tessa Miller 

I love this so much! – Rita DiRito 

Your magazine, is full of realism, love and women of flesh and bone that make us look at ourselves as human and sufficient. Thank you. – Alejandra 

This is so awesome! – Aimee Server

If you haven’t checked out this new magazine and all the amazing and beautiful women inside, check it out! – Carly

Have you checked out my girl Kerry yet? She’s got what you need to feel good! Worth your time… #‎kerrymag – Heather Smyrza

It is real, raw, and totally authentic! – Leeann Garner

I’m so happy to be included in a magazine that has such positive beautiful messages about women!  – Janelle 

Fabulous job! I read the whole issue. Truly inspiring. – Anne 

Check out Kerry magazine, an inspiring and engaging publication designed for real women. – Maya