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We have tons of opportunities for you to contribute to the blog and to future issues. Read on for details. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Blog Features

Want to share your story or the stories of other amazing women on our blog? The first opportunities for blog features are drawn from the feature spreads in the first 3 issues of Kerry magazine.

manifesting, beauty, feeling good

I feel beautiful when…

Want to share with the world what makes you feel beautiful? Take at least one photo of you holding a sign that says “I feel beautiful when _______.” You will fill in the blank with your answer. You can see how this looked in Issue 1. Additional info you can share: age, location, career, a cause/non-profit you love, a little bit about yourself, and how the mini-photoshoot made you feel. Feel free to take additional pictures to accompany the post.

release, let go, baggage, childhood, transformative

Letter to my younger self

Ready to get in touch with your younger self and let her know how you feel? Find an old photo of yourself that you would like to write a letter to. Submit the photo and the letter along with at least one current photo of yourself.

Check out Issue 2 to see for inspiration!

special needs, moms

Moms of Children with Special Needs

Are you a mom of a child with special needs or know someone who is? Share your story or help your friend share theirs. Check out Issue 3 to get an idea how this could look. Submit at least one photo along with the answers to these questions.


  • Get in touch at with Blog Feature in the subject line.
  • Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Have fun coming up with poses. Put music on and dance. Enjoy yourself and your true beauty will come through in the photos.
  • Get a group of gals together or just you and a friend or even you and your iPhone. Are you a photographer or have a friend that is? Make a photoshoot out of this!


yoga, book review, handmade artist, recipes

Guest Post

Want to guest post on our blog? The second opportunity to be featured on the blog is to choose to write about an area that has been in the magazine. These include: music, book reviews, handmade, poetry, inspirational stories, art, yoga, illustration, recipes, printables. Take a look at the first 3 issues to get an idea of the content that is shared.

You can also take a look at my Pinterest board that has quotes and images that relate to the magazine. If any of them stir something up for you feel free to write a blog post and submit it.

Get in touch at with Guest Post in the subject line.

handmade shop, etsy shop, women owned business, small biz

Sponsored Posts

Want to tell the world about your awesome business? Do you think the readers of Kerry Magazine would also love your work? Hooray! Let’s team up and share your biz!

1 Blog post (2-4 images)
+ 1 Instagram post
+ 1 Facebook share


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Magazine Features

Do you have the vibe our readers are looking for? We encourage women to feel beautiful as they are right now, to share their stories and lift each other up. Kerry Magazine currently comes out twice a year during spring/summer and fall/winter. We are starting to work on Issue 4.

Do you think you are a good match? Check out the opportunities below!

writer, artist, graphic design, illustrator, poet, chef


Want to be in the next issue of Kerry Magazine? In addition to the feature story, each issue has showcased a section from the following: music, book reviews, handmade, poetry, inspirational stories, art, yoga, illustration, recipes, printables. We would like yoga and handmade to be apart of every issue. Want to be a contributor? Read the first 3 issues to get an idea of what we are looking for. If you have a new idea to share we would love to hear about it! All contributors are listed in the “Friends” section and will include a short bio plus any links to your business.

Get in touch at with Magazine Feature in the subject line.

artwork, flowers, graphic design, graphic designer

Graphic Designer

Are you a graphic designer? The last page of each issue and the back cover are printables designed by a graphic designer. The last pages is a worksheet that helps the reader reflect on the issue and come up with steps to take toward creating their dream life. The back cover is an inspirational printable that the reader can print out and hang. Check out Issue 3 to see the one shown above by artist Kristen Fagan. We are looking for a graphic designer to design these last 2 pages for Issue 4 coming out late spring/early summer 2017. Is that you?

Get in touch at with Graphic Designer in the subject line.

advertising packages


Do you have a business that shares the same audience as our magazine? Wonderful! We are so excited you are reading this right now. We are currently taking applications to be an advertiser in the upcoming Issue 4 coming out late spring/early summer 2017. One of the neatest things about our magazine is how much people love the ads. We have been told numerous times that the ads are a perfect match for the content and for the reader. We look forward to connecting your business and heart with our amazing readers from around the world!

Click here for more info and ad package rates or get in touch at with Advertising in the subject line.