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Recent testimonial from a client:

I cannot begin to thank you enough for my session that I had with you last night. It was just powerful from the moment it began from choosing what deck was going to be used (I chose the intuition one) to the reveal of my three cards. And then the interpretation of the cards, the interactive part of the session, was incredible.
I got so much insight and pure comfort from what I learned. Ironically, one of my cards was “learn” and to be open to where the learning comes from and spirit teachers. 
The session ended after my third card reading, which kind of made you chuckle because it might have seemed really random but it was spot on as I have recently learned that I cannot make decisions, or at least I do not trust my decisions when I make them and you taught me some techniques to try to redevelop that skill of trust that has been lost over the years.
As always, the time with you is deeply personal as the amount you care comes right through the phone and I know this is how you treat everyone you come in contact with. You are a gentle guide and a spirit teacher. Well done. Again, thank you for your care and support and expertise!

Kerry is a life coach with so much heart! She asks the deep questions to help you realize your true calling, where you’re getting stuck and how to slow down to move forward. Check her out for a session! You’ll be happy you did. She’s helped me so much.  

→ Kristen Fagan, artist

Any time spent with Kerry is time well spent! She heals hearts and souls… She is just an absolute treasure! I’ll hitch my wagon to Kerry’s every day! 

→ Carole Folkert, author, The Legend of The Hair Fairies

In a short amount of time, Kerry catapulted me into motion!

→ Kimberly Kling, artist, Joyful Roots

Kerry provides a wonderful client experience by truly listening to where needs must be met. I left with usable tools which I was able to seamlessly incorporate into my daily practices towards my overall personal wellness. 

→ Len Jefferson, chef and jewelry designer