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Pick Your Holiday Animal Guide!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving last week! I stayed in a charming town called Galena in Illinois with my husband’s family.

I am so proud of myself for having my first vegan Thanksgiving meal. It took some extra effort but it was worth it and delicious.

Okay, so as we head into the thick of the holiday season I thought you might like to pick an animal guide to be by your side over the next month or so.

I specifically chose animals from my Animal Guides Printable Card Deck that are associated with this time of year.

Look at the image above. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Open your eyes. Choose the card you feel drawn to the most. 

Scroll down for the cards and messages. 

Have fun with this! Notice when you see your animal represented during the holiday season. You might see it on pillows, in commercials, or even live!

Use the hashtag #holidayanimalguide so I can join in the fun!

Each morning, ask your animal to guide you through your day and to help you tap into the qualities associated with this animal that will best serve you.

You can imagine your guide with you throughout the day. I imagine my bear animal guide helping me during the Yoga with Weights class I go to, FOR REAL! Lol! 

Working with Animal Guides is such a great way to feel supported while having fun.

See below for your guide!

Clockwise From Top:

Llama: Reminding you to keep going during the holiday season even when you feel overwhelmed and want to give up. Focusing on what makes you unique will help.

Fox: You might run into some sticky situations so remember that your quick thinking can save the day. Staying active will make this easier.

Squirrel: Planning ahead will be a lifesaver this season. take some time to write out to-do lists, menus, shopping, lists, etc. This will allow you to enjoy the energetic buzz of this time of year.

Camel: This holiday season will ask you to have a mix of independence and affection when it comes to your interactions. Have a practice of tuning in so that you know when do which.

Deer: You will be asked to have a tremendous amount of compassion towards yourself and others this season. Allow your sensitive side to help you and remember to rest.

Owl: Allow yourself to be a wise one this season. Tap into intuition and possibly help others who consider this time of year to be a dark one, especially if that person is you.

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Full Moon in Taurus – a reading for October 2018

On Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 the Full Moon is in Taurus. Taurus is the bull and while people often think of bulls as charging they are also known for grounded and contented energy at times.

This duality shows up in the Medicine Woman Deck as the Peacemaker card and asks you to:

Let go of your need for conflict with certain people in your life.

Did someone just pop into your head?

Over the next few days, think about the people you tend to butt heads with and ask for guidance (possibly from a Bull animal guide) on how you can let go of the need to do so. So often it is our own egos holding us back and putting us into cyclical situations.

Tap into the energy of the Peacemaker and the grounded and contented Bull.

If there are certain practices in your life, such as meditation or waiting before you respond to emails or texts, that help you better embrace these qualities then now is the time make them habits.

For those of you that enjoy fire rituals, consider writing the name of the person or person that you tend to conflict with the most on a piece of paper. Then say:

“I release the need for conflict with this person.” 

and drop it into the fire.

Always be safe when working with fire.

For added support have amethyst and/or fluorite on your altar, workspace, or home.

>>> Take a moment now to take 3 deep breaths. Enjoy the energy of this message!

✨💗🌙 xo, Kerry

Decks Used >>> Animal Guide Deck by me (available in the Animal Guide Meditation & Painting workshop) and Medicine Woman Deck by Carol Bridges