Slow Down

Celebrate the Full Moon in Pisces

I wanted to share a fun water ritual to celebrate this Full Moon since it is in Pisces, a water sign. To find the exact time of the full moon by you simply Google “Full Moon in _______ (insert your city)” or click here.

This is a really cool and fun way to get out of your head and into the present moment.

There are a couple of options here.

  • You can go by a body of water (i.e. lake, ocean, pond)
  • You can go by a pool or fountain
  • You can fill a bowl with water. If you feel like you have a special bowl that is great but not necessary. You will take the bowl outside. 

Next you will find a comfy place to sit under the full moon.

Allow your mind to relax.

Facing the water or holding the bowl in front of you, allow your gaze to soften.

Begin to watch the light of the moon bounce around and dance on the water. I am telling you that it is mesmerizing!!

It is such a nice way to soften and open yourself up to any guidance you seek.

After doing this for a bit, either remain seated or lie down, close your eyes.

Relax and notice what thoughts come your way. You might want to set a timer for 5 to 10 or 20 minutes.

Feel free to write down or journal what came up for you. Allow yourself to stay connected to this water energy for the rest of this week.


  • Ask God, Universe, Spirit for guidance around a specific area before you begin.
  • Choose a breathing technique from my YouTube page or The Moon and Arrow Lodge Instagram page. (This is a fun new side project that I am working on – more on this later but feel free to follow along!)
  • Pick one of the Full Moon oracle cards that you feel drawn to at the end to help you decide your next step.

Never Let Your Good Ideas Go: Podcast

I am excited to share a podcast interview I did with Kevin Chung of Cracking Creativity. We recorded it last year and it was just released. He does an amazing job of drawing wisdom and juicy tidbits out of his interviews.

We talk about:

  • listening to your younger self
  • learning to say no
  • shifting your mindset

I really think you are going to get a ton out of this podcast.

For those of you who are not into listening, Kevin pulls out what he sees as keys parts of the interviews and shares quotes and bullet points which I think is just so neat.

Here are some of the tidbits:

“I’m learning that how you feel is really kind of a big part of the life you create. You kinda act one way but if you’re feeling another, then you’re probably going to be unhappy.”

“My advice is to find nice things to say to yourself about the project or about what you can do, about your abilities, about anything, to start saying to yourself when that doubt comes in and when you have this idea you’re kinda unsure about.”

“Really, if you can switch to being open and expecting to receive good to come your way… it’s almost like a light switch. It can really start to shift things.”

“It’s really about how you can… create your life and how you can create your thoughts and how those thoughts help you create your life and how every day everyone is creating their future. And creativity is something… if we all pay closer attention, you can really make sure that your actions and your thoughts are starting to create a life that you really want to live.”

Click here to listen and read more!

Do you ever let yourself rest or celebrate? Or do you just beat yourself up when you do?

oracle cards, spirit animal, goose, steven d. farmer, do more of what makes you happyDo you ever let yourself rest or celebrate? Or do you just beat yourself up when you do?

Over winter break my younger son got into the charter school near our house and it was a big decision to choose to move him there while we waited for for his older brother to get accepted too. My husband and I decided in the long run it would be worth it.

For the next 5 months they went to different schools and I tried to be very involved in both. My husband and I shared the duties of driving and we recruited help when needed. In April, my older son got accepted to start there in the fall and for the first time since we moved to Arizona I could technically relax about schools.

Honestly, half the time I would worry about what others think when we have changed or switched schools but I finally found confidence in my decisions knowing that I am always trying to do what is right and good for my family. If it looks different than someone else’s route, well, I think it always will.

Anyway, every morning after I wake up I ask God what I need to know today and then pull a Spirit Animal oracle card. During the last 2 weeks of school I kept pulling the one in the photo. Goose: Take time to rest and recuperate rather than continuing your striving. It almost made me cry every time I pulled it. I decided that after my boys got out of school we would take that Memorial Day weekend and the week after to just rest and enjoy life. I wanted to mark the end of the school year and celebrate the beginning of summer.

I actually did it too! We went through their school stuff and made binders of what they wanted to keep, hung up artwork and recycled the rest. (OMG! I have wanted to do this every year and I always end up doing in August). We hung out with friends and neighbors, enjoyed downtime and sleeping in. We went swimming a lot and watched movies together. It was wonderful.

Then I woke up on Tuesday and felt behind on emails and started beating myself up enjoying so much downtime. Now I have felt this way so many times in my life that it just felt normal but it did not feel good. It never did. Thankfully (for the first time ever) the moment was fleeting because I was able to remind myself that I had set the goal or intention of relaxing and rewarding myself.

I was like “Kerry! You actually did exactly what you said you were going to do. Be happy not bummed.” Plus, the last thing I want to teach my children is that they can’t relax after periods of hard work. After all, isn’t that what summer vacation is all about?!

I am sharing this in an effort to be more honest with my struggles and to also share things that are helping me to be happier every day and really start loving my life. Over the weekend, I was literally walking around saying “I am happy.” in my head and I had a big goofy grin on my face. I mean that is awesome! So when that fear and doubt crept in that morning I was able to see it for what it was: a bad habit. One that has kept me back for years. One that told me I couldn’t trust myself. So happy that I can now call bullsh*t on those types of thoughts finally.

Honestly, becoming a more spiritual person over that past few years has helped me get to this point. Again, so many times I have not shared this kind of thing because of fear that it looked different than what others were doing and people wouldn’t like me. Gah! When I was younger I only did things that were different than others and prided myself on that.

Well, I am happy to say I have found that girl again and I am claiming what makes life magical for me and ready to encourage you to discover what makes life magical for you.

Trust yourself more.

You know what is best for you and your family.

Do it.

Enjoy it.

Ask for divine guidance. It helps.

Set goals.

Pat yourself on the back when you reach them.

Know when to slow down.

Know when to move forward.

Tell yourself that you are on the right track.

Trust your feelings to know when things need to change.

Figure out what you want to do.

Give your worries to God, Universe, Spirit.

You got this!

XO! #trustyourself #relax #celebrate

p.s. Pulling a card from this deck is a technique I use to not look at my phone in the morning. You can check out this oracle card deck here: Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook. XO!

Full Moon Yoga & New Moon Intentions

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When you step away from your calendar and lists of “todos” to pay attention to the cycles of the moon it allows room for magic to enter your life and increases your ability to connect with something much larger than yourself.

I have been teaching Full Moon Yoga classes each month for the past year and want to start incorporating this into my work online and the magazine. The next one is Wednesday, May 10th in Scottsdale, AZ. Click here for more details.

There is a powerful New Moon tonight and I wanted to share a bit about how you could honor yourself and connect to the moon’s cycle over the next 4 weeks.

New Moon

Tonight’s new moon is in Taurus which is an earth sign. Take a moment to go outside tonight (or in the next 3 days) and relax. Maybe 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Notice the air, the sky, the ground. Ask yourself if there is an intention that you would like to set for the next month. Maybe it is a way of being, doing more or less of something, or even drawing something into your life like more love or career opportunities. Write this intention down and also speak it out if you desire.

Waxing Moon

During this phase of the moon growing, take some time to imagine how it would feel if your intention was a reality in your life and also take action on making it a reality.

alis living, full moon, full moon yoga, lunar phases

Full Moon

The 3 days before and the 3 days after the full moon are a wonderful time to release things that are not serving you or your intention. That is why I LOVE teaching yoga classes at this time because moving the body helps us release so much stress and tension plus unexpressed emotions that we have been holding onto. You can try sitting comfortably (outside under the full moon is possible!), focus on your breath for a while, do some shoulder rolls, then say silently or aloud “I release anything that is no longer serving me and I welcome all resources and guidance to bring my intention to life.” You might enjoy gazing at the Full Moon and allowing your mind to relax. Notice if any insight comes and how you might feel lighter and happier.

Waning Moon

This is a great time to express gratitude for your life just as it is right now and thank the universe for any guidance. Allow yourself to receive your intention into your life. It might also be nice to slow down and relax a bit more during this phase. Honor your efforts.

Moving forward. You can create a new intention on the next New Moon or refocus and adjust your intention from the previous one. (This cycle includes the New Moon on April 26th, the Full Moon on May 10th, and then next New Moon occurring on May 25th.)

I hope you journey on the the moon’s cycle with me this month and look forward to seeing you at my Full Moon Yoga class. If you wish for me to share more ways to enjoy the moon’s phases please pop a comment below or email me at

lunar phases, yoga, full moon yoga, lunar mystic,

p.s. Little known fact: I am a Certified Lunar Mystic. Getting out of my head and in touch with the phases of the moon has helped me appreciate myself, others, and the world around me so much more.

Setting A Potent Intention for 2017

goalsIt’s the first week of 2017. How are your resolutions coming along? Did you make broad, vague ones that you won’t be able to evaluate? Think, “I’m going to be a better person.” Did you make unrealistic ones that you’ve already dropped? Perhaps, “I’m never eating another bite of sugar!” Or did you resolve to never make New Year’s Resolutions again because they only set you up for disappointment and failure?

This year, consider setting a potent intention for 2017 instead of a resolution. How is an intention different? Consider your intention a theme or mantra for the rest of the year; not necessarily a goal to accomplish, but a state of being to aspire to. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, what is the intention behind that? It could be to honor your body, feeding it with healthy fuel and allowing it to be more physically expressive. Or maybe it’s to be healthy and vibrant so you can enjoy a more active life with your family. Essentially, an intention is the root of the resolution, the reason you want to make a change in your life.

Digging deep, let’s do some work to find that root. First, ask yourself what it is that you want in this new year. If you have a meditation practice, take some time contemplating this question in silence. You can also spend a while journaling, noticing where your thoughts go when you put some focus on this huge but simple question. Take the time to notice patterns that keep arising. The true intention may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but may continue to suggest itself in different ways until you’re finally able to unearth its truth.

Once you’ve identified this intention, write it down. This is possibly the most important step, as it will give you concrete evidence to refer back to if you need a reminder, or if you start to veer off track (as we all do!). Write it in your journal, write it on a notecard that you stick to your mirror, make a huge mural or vision board with your intention as the central theme – whatever way you want to express your deep desire for change, do it. This is a powerful step in making your intention a reality. However you choose to visually depict your intention, make sure it is in positive, active, simple language. “I will spend 2017 practicing compassion for all beings” is much more empowering than “I won’t say mean things about people any more”.

The path to lasting change begins with identifying what you want, then taking small consistent steps towards that goal, continuing to mindfully practice the qualities you want more of in your life. Big changes are initiated with clear goals and persistent practice. Before you know it, your intention will be a part of your reality.

I wish you all a transformational 2017 – a year filled with more love, abundance and happiness than you ever thought possible. Allow yourself to dream spectacularly, love infinitely and shine brightly this year. The world needs your light and compassion more than ever.

guest post, yoga, holiday self-careRachel Durben lives in Truckee, CA, and has been practicing yoga for since 2000. She began her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program through Wanderlust at the 2014 Squaw Valley festival immersion, and completed the training in Costa Rica. She brings mindfulness and asana practice to her work in environmental education and ecological research, and loves sharing these tools with students of all ages. Rachel teaches yoga at the <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Center</a> and enjoys guiding students towards their own truth and providing them with the tools to find stillness in the midst of our busy lives.