Quick Energizing Yoga Sequence

This short yoga sequence helps you connect  to the sun’s energy through:

  • solar breath
  • focusing on the solar plexus
  • imagining yellow light
  • simple yoga stretches.

It also helps release tension and tightness while clearing the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Perfect for a boost of energy!



p.s. I originally did this live on Instagram. Enjoy!

Using the free Oracle Cards in Your Mini-Deck

Have you used your mini-moon oracle card deck yet?

They are from my free Manifesting with the Moon workbook!

I want to share with you a simple way to use them to help you strengthen your intuition and get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Let’s get started!

  1. Take some cleansing breaths. This is when you inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. 3 to 10 breaths.
  2. Hold the 3 cards to your heart. Close your eyes and ask God/Universe/Spirit/Angels/HigherSelf/SpiritAnimal “What do I need to know right now?” You can also ask something more specific like “Am I on the right career path?” or “What do I need to change to be happy?”
  3. Imagine white light coming into the top of your head, down into your heart, down your arms and out your hands surrounding the cards.
  4. Shuffle the cards a bit and then place the cards down in a row with the moon side up (shown above) and pick the card you feel drawn to the most.

The card will either be Pause, Reflect, or Move Forward.

Pause: This card means you might want to take some time to relax, allow things to sink in. Don’t make any decisions. This is all about self-care. Take a bath, meditate, read.

Reflect: This card is asking you to look back in relation to the situation you are asking about. Are there things you did that worked out and you are benefiting from? Yes? Then continue doing them to bring about positive results. Have you done things that caused to not like your current situation? Yes? Then figure out how to stop repeating those patterns so you can create a future you adore.

Move Forward: It is time to take the next step. If you know what it is, then go for it. If not, then ask the universe for signs so you can start manifesting your dreams.

Take a bit of time to either journal or simply ponder how the card you chose applies to your situation.

Did it make sense? Did it scare you a bit? Did you feel like it was off base? Why?

Trust what comes up.

Act accordingly.

Tag me @themoonandarrowlodge using the hashtag #minimoonoracledeck to show me which card you pulled!

XO, Kerry

April 2018 – Full Moon Ritual and Meditation

Full Moon Ritual and Meditation

The Moon and Arrow Lodge Facebook page

Sunday April 29th, 2018 – 6:30pm PST/Arizona (7:30pm MST – 8:30pm CST – 9:30pm EST) – it will be approximately 30 minutes.

Bring yourself. If you like you might like to light a candle, burn some incense, diffuse essential oils, put your crystals out to be cleansed in the light of the full moon, have a special drink, etc.

This moon is also called Pink Moon, Planting Moon, and Wind Moon so play around with those. Maybe have some pink flowers or put seeds out under the full moon, or step outside and feel the wind or breeze on your skin.

Make it yours.

Spread Love – A Heart Chakra Meditation

When I feel like the world needs a bit more love and I wish I could help, I try to end my days with a special meditation in which I envision that I am sending love and compassion from my heart to the whole world.

When there are special people on my mind, I pause and focus on them for a bit during this meditation.

Guided Heart Chakra Meditation

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take some deep breaths through your nose.
  • Then let your breath relax.
  • Picture your heart center.
  • Imagine love and compassion in and around your heart as light.
  • Pick a color for the light.
  • Let that light grow to encompass your whole body.
  • Let it grow to encompass your house or apartment building and all of the people in it.
  • Visualize it expanding to your neighborhood and city.
  • Then your state and country.
  • Then neighboring countries.
  • Then the whole world.
  • Visualize the whole world in your loving and compassionate light.
  • You are sending your positive and loving energy to every person, place, and creature.
  • Breathe.
  • Relax.
  • Open your eyes and continue on with your day or keep them closed and go to sleep.

Repeat often.

It is so healing.

There is scientific research confirming the heart is sending out light and electromagnetic wave fields. I love this excerpt from the book Playing in the Unified Field by Carla Hannaford, PhD:

“All the neurotransmitters found in the brain are also found in the heart. The heart actually appears to have its own sensitivity to the world, and exhibits that with intelligence, to the extent that the brain energetically revolves around the heart, and not the other way around.

The heart generates an electromagnetic energy field (EMF) that is 60 times greater than the field of the brain (as measured externally by a SQUID). It is the largest EMF within the body system, extending 8–16 feet around the body. People’s hearts are powerful transmitters, constantly sending out light and electromagnetic wave fields. The physical “antennae” able to pick up these waves is the entire body with its sensory apparatus and huge heart field.”

*** I talk about thinking of a color of the light of love that you send from your heart and I want to share some ideas:

  • go with the first color that pops into your mind
  • use green because it is the color associated with the heart (Anahata) chakra
  • go traditional with pink or red
  • use white light for healing

Eventually, you will do this without listening to a recording. You can lie in bed and just use your imagination. You can also use it to send love to a specific person too. I LOVE doing that!

You are a compassionate and loving person.

Your heart can heal the world!

xo, Kerry

Dreamcatcher Class Photos

Wow! Wow! Wow! Two weeks ago I celebrated the launch of The Dreamcatcher Circle with a Catching Dreams: Intentional Creative Workshop. Once again my dear friend and amazing artist, Kristen Fagan, helped a group of women create heartfelt beauty. We began the workshop with breathwork and intention setting. I had each woman come over to use essential oils and their intuition to pick a card to help guide them during the workshop.

Below are the paintings halfway through:


The one above is from my friend, Alesia, who did the workshop online with us!

I love mine soooo much!!!!

We are planning a Spirit Animal one this summer! Be to stay in the loop!!!