Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the real you was both celebrated and supported for just wanting to be a catalyst for positive change or even having dreams in the first place?

While the world needs positive change and dream chasers what the world often forgets is that you, as you are at this moment, are amazing. You always have been.

You have already made a positive impact on the world.

Maybe you have felt lost at times. Confused. That is okay. Maybe what you need right now is rest. Maybe you need clarity on the next step to take.

Either way, I am here to help you do both.

Whether you are looking for a sanctuary, a mirror, a mentor, or a shift – you will find that here.

Maybe you don’t know what you are looking for. Allow the experience of reading the blog and Kerry Magazine to move you. Relax you. Inspire you. Possibly even bring you to tears. All of those things help bring the real you to the surface. Let it happen.

Then notice how you feel. Maybe generous, brave, joyful, peaceful, authentic, inspired, compelled, sentimental, happy. Notice what you feel called to do. Is it move your body, paint, travel, write, share your story, sleep, pause, cook, shop, journal, smile, call someone, or something else? Let go and allow the next step to emerge.

Smile and know that you are not alone. Just by reading one issue of Kerry Magazine you have connected with at least one soul who yearns to be seen as beautiful and amazing just for being her.

Know that this awareness can cause you to focus more on what makes your heart smile. Whether those are quiet periods of solitude or big bold actions or bit of both enjoy them. Know that they are the desires of your heart and soul that too often have been ignored.

Slow down, tune in, and move forward in the direction of your heart.

You are supported and celebrated.

This magazine started with a photoshoot in my home back in 2015. Below are the women who stepped out of their comfort zones and showed up that day. You can check out all of the details about this day and the origins of this magazine in this blog post: http://www.kerrymagazine.com/1st-photoshoot/.

All issues of the magazine can be viewed for free online and also purchased in print!

Hope you enjoy feeling supported, beautiful, and inspired!

A little info about me:

A passion for creativity and spirituality has led my heart since I was a child. I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and am currently a life coach, intuitive counselor, and yoga teacher. 

I love working with people seeking success, independence, freedom, authenticity, change, and confidence but are currently feeling stuck or overwhelmed or restless. I know how to empower you to slow down enough to begin to tune into your own wisdom and see the next right step to take to move forward towards your dream life.

This all comes from experience because I know what it is like to feel stressed, lost, confused. My tools work because I used them!  

Some past clients have called me a gentle guide and a spirit teacher.

I love being a nonconformist, an explorer, and a courageous soul always searching for ways to be true to myself while encouraging you to do the same!

I also work with creative entrepreneurs over at http://www.zennedoutbiz.com.

Fun stuff:

  • I am not competitive – I always feel so bad for the losing team.
  • I used to hate my curly hair and freckles and now I love them!
  • I have a lot of different styles: retro, hippie, hipster, yogi, punk rock. I just love them all!
  • I do not have a green thumb but I keep trying.
  • My head is often in the clouds which I why I need everything that I teach!