Ready for a new challenge?

IMG_8464I did it! 21 days without coffee. 3 weeks ago on my 38th birthday I shared a video about how coffee didn’t make me feel good and filled me with self-doubt about an hour or two after a drank it so I decided to take a break from it for 21 days. I can report that I no longer get that “let down” feeling around 9am anymore and that makes me so happy!

Once I made this change and started to feel the positive effects I started to get ideas for other things I want to change in my life. Such as:

– going to bed around 10:30pm every night

– sending more handwritten letters

– pausing to breath before entering a building, school or work

I know from past attempts that if I try to change too much at once I end up right back where I started. So, I am going to keep the #21dayfeelgoodchallenge going and make a change every month. I want to inspire, encourage and support you to make changes in your life that will have you feeling good also.

I will be sharing inspirational quotes, free printables, ideas and community support to help keep you moving in the direction you want to take your life.

A big reason I was able to make it 21 days without coffee is because I shared my desire to do so with you. Knowing that you were expecting me to do it really kept me going every morning. I have now created a new morning ritual of hot water with lemon and honey. This last week I started experimenting with lemon, maple syrup, fresh ginger and cayenne.

I want you to start thinking of some ideas to help you make change in your life in May. Click here to join the Facebook group. If you like to share elsewhere, be sure to you the hashtag #21dayfeelgoodchallenge. Did you join in my #21dayfeelgoodchallenge? If you are in our Facebook group, I will be checking in on your progress later today.

Not up for doing something 21 days in a row but still up for a challenge? Tell me about it and use the hashtag #feelgoodchallenge so I can keep up and cheer you on!

Not sure what you should be changing? Check out my self-care ebooks and challenge yourself to adding one of the exercises to your daily routine.

Also, if you have suggestions for how I can keep you accountable or any questions be sure to leave them in the comments!

p.s. I want you to know that I am not saying that drinking coffee is a bad thing. I hope that I can eventually enjoy coffee in small amounts again. I absolutely love it and had decaf twice in the last 3 weeks so I could enjoy the taste. I have just discovered that I am super sensitive to it. My mom said my day had to stop drinking it years ago for the same types of reasons. XO!


Do you take breaks from your phone?

IMG_8390I have been working on creating an online course called Slow Down To Move Forward. It is about implementing small times in your day to slow down for a bit to move, breath, create or write. I do this and it helps me tremendously.

The last two months both of my boys have been in Little League and our weekends have been filled with activities. I have started falling behind on projects and cleaning around the house.

Every Monday, I have said “What happened? How am I here again feeling like I haven’t moved forward?”

This last Sunday, I eased into my day with tea and the newspaper. We had no plans until 4pm. I told my boys they could play all day (lucky for me they get along really well!). I started in the back corner of the house which is my bedroom and started to go through drawers and cabinets clearing out or moving what did not need to be there. I threw out 10 year old eye shadows and 4 year old bottles of vitamins from my bathroom. How did these things even make it to Arizona from Chicago 2 years ago? Geez! I spent time purging the spaces I use daily of things that I no longer need or use. (Look how neat and clean one of my bathroom drawers is in the photo above, LOVE!)

It wasn’t until halfway through the day that I realized that I had not checked my phone. I was in awe at how much I got done by not checking my email and social media. I decided then to make it a no phone/email/social media day. By 4pm I wished I didn’t have plans because I was having so much fun getting stuff done. It was a neighborhood picnic actually and it did feel good, after doing so much around the house, to get out and connect with people face to face.

When I checked my phone the next morning I found that I had not really missed anything. Wow! I have trained myself to think that big things are happening online but have noticed that that kind of thinking leads to me getting less done in real life.

At the end of the day I felt accomplished, calm, happy, lighter and relaxed. I felt that way on Monday too.

I am now considering making Sunday a no email/social media day each week.

Do you take regular breaks from your phone, email and social media? I would love to hear how you have implemented this in your life!


You feel good when…. (free printable inside!)

ifeelgoodwhensmallWell, I am 7 days in on my #21dayfeelgoodchallenge of no coffee in the morning and I am feeling good! I encouraged you to make a change in your life and I hope you are on your way to feeling good too. I know not every change has to be a daily one or be done for 21 days consecutively but I knew that was the only way for me to change my coffee habit. I mentioned in my video last week that about an hour after drinking coffee I felt yucky and filled with self-doubt. I am happy to report that I have not been feeling that way since. Woohoo!

In fact, I have started to notice other things that make me feel good. I want to focus on the positive so I decided to create a free printable to get you thinking about the things in your life that make you feel good.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.48.45 AM

Just click here or on any image to get your copy. There are 4 on one page. You can share the extras with a friend or coworker, hang yours in different locations (i.e. office, mirror using pretty washi tape) or keep them for later when you want to check in again about what is making you feel good.

Image-1 (1)

Mine are:

I feel good when…

I go to bed around 10:30pm

(I think this is my next 21 Day Challenge!)

I create special family time

(like going to the library and reading our new books together)

I volunteer at school events

(I loved helping at my son’s preschool’s Teddy Bear Picnic this last weekend)

I could probably keep going but I enjoyed noticing these 3 things in the last week. Take the time to print out your copy and notice what 3 things are making you feel good right now. This would also be a great journal prompt when you are feeling stuck.

Feel free to share your 3 things with me in the comments here, on Facebook or Instagram. Tag me, use #21dayfeelgoodchallenge or join my Facebook group!

I am happy to be on the feel good journey with you! XO!



It's my birthday! I want to make positive changes in the world this year and that is hard to do when I am not feeling my best. Check out my short video and I hope you decide to join me on a #21dayfeelgoodchallenge!

Posted by Kerry Burki on Monday, April 6, 2015

I am one year older today and ready to make some positive changes this year! I have a lot planned for this site and I want to be feeling my best!

I know you want to be making positive changes too! Is there anything you do that is holding you back or making you feel junky?

Check out my video above and let me know if you want to join in my #21dayfeelgoodchallenge! I am making one switch for 21 days in an effort to break a habit that doesn’t make me feel good. Let’s do it together and keep each other accountable! Comment below about one thing you would like to change in the next 21 days and then use the hashtag on social media.

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New Website Colors + The Meaning Behind Them

newwebsitecolorsEverything on this site is getting a refresh as I begin to focus on sharing creativity, teach self-care and build community. I chose these colors because they come up often in my life. They also are associated with meanings that ring true with my personality plus the business and future I want to build. I wanted to share these with you along with the resource for you to explore the deeper meaning behind your favorite colors too.


  • adventurous, risk-taking, vibrant, flamboyant
  • warm, sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful
  • self-confident, independent, extroverted and uninhibited
  • creative flair
  • warm-hearted, agreeable and informal


  • communication, clarity of thought
  • balance and harmony, calmness
  • idealism, creativity and inspiration
  • self-expression
  • compassion, healing and self-sufficiency


  • cheerful, happy, playful, fun
  • optimistic, uplifting, illuminating
  • logical, mental clarity, aids decision-making
  • confidence, originality, creativity
  • wisdom and logic
  • communication of new ideas


  • compassion and understanding, nurturing
  • warmth, hope, calming
  • sweetness
  • feminine and intuitive energy

I would love to know what your favorite colors say about you! Feel free to share in the comments!

These meanings are taken from www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com.