3 Day Contentment Challenge Starts Tomorrow

iamtapeThis month has been about seeking contentment in the present moment. I’ll be honest and tell you that I have not always found that easy to do. So often I want things to be the way they were before or I want them to be the way I see them in the future.

I actually just got back from dropping a friend off at the airport because she just found out that her father passed away and she is headed home. I can only imagine that it would be difficult to find contentment in that situation. It also made me realize that we only have this moment.

In my research about contentment, I read that we all have an unshakeable inner peace and when we can get in touch with that peace we will find contentment.

This is not something I consider easy to do but I definitely consider it worth trying. I hope you join me on a 3 day journey to dig a little deeper within ourselves in search of contentment in our daily lives.

Day 1

Grab a journal or a piece of paper. In my last post about contentment I wrote:

“Know that there is something to learn from everything, everyone, and every experience that crosses your path.”

Take a moment today to discover what you are supposed to be learning about in your life right now. Maybe you are dealing with something heavy related to loss, money or addiction. Maybe you are learning from abundance, celebration or success. Whatever your current situation is take some time to see the lesson you could be learning. Then write about how that lesson can help you create the future you desire.

Day 2

This won’t be as mentally and emotionally taxing as Day 1! I want you to find a quiet place to take a break. You are going lie down and put your legs up. Ideally, you would lie on the floor and put your legs up the wall. If that is not comfortable or accessible you can be on the couch and put your legs on the arm or the back. You could also do this in bed with your legs up the wall or on pillows. I want your legs to be higher than your heart. (this is not recommended if you have serious eye, neck or back problems).

One of the big benefits of this is that it calms the mind. It is my go-to pose for stress-relief. I honestly do this pose multiple times a week. It works if you are celebrating life’s successes and it also works if you are dealing with life’s hard blows. It requires you to slow down and allows you to feel refreshed after. Do this for 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

You can put on soothing music, light a scented candle or put an eye pillow over your eyes. Just relax in the pose. Inhale deeply and exhale out of your mouth like a sigh. Then breathe naturally. Close your eyes. Then do nothing. You can try to relax your mind, you can repeat to yourself “I am exactly where I am supposed to be,” or you can seek contentment in the moment.

Day 3

I always feel content with life when I am dancing to a good song and you probably do too. So find at least one good song to crank up and dance to today. Moving your body to a favorite song helps get you out of the past and the future and into the present moment. For those of you not feeling up for dancing I would recommend finding a song that you love and lying down to listen to it with your eyes closed. Take that time to enjoy the song.

During these 3 days I would also like you to repeat to yourself “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” Repeat it as often as needed. I made some printables for you to print out as reminders. Click below to get yours.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.49.10 PM

Hopefully, at the end of this week you will feel more content with your life as it is now. Remember to come back to this challenge any time you feel the need to seek contentment in your life.

Starting tomorrow I will be sharing videos to go with each of these challenges so make sure you are following me on social media and/or join my Facebook group #kbfeelgoodchallenge.


1st of many artist collaborations!

iammockupI am so excited about this! My friend and talented artist, Lakshmi Sarkar, got in touch over the summer asking to team up my business with her artistic talents. The first thing that popped into my mind was to have her bring the themes/challenges/affirmations that I have been sharing to life through art. We started with “I am beautiful” and included “Je suis belle” and “Soy bonita” too.

I want you to have beautiful reminders around your house or workspace so you can start to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.





This first series is a set of 3 printables that were created using watercolor, pen and photoshop. You can get them in my Etsy shop right now!

I am beautiful

Je Suis Belle

Soy Bonita

Bundle – buy 2, get 1 free!

If you get any of these, I would love it if you shared a photo of it hanging in your space. I will share it on social media too!


Lakshmi is already working on the next themes and I have other artists interested in making more including a jewelry designer so stay tuned for more beautiful inspiring artwork! You can see more of Lakshmi Sarkar’s work right here: https://artbylaksh.wordpress.com/

Want to learn about the “I am beautiful 5 Day Challenge” or do it again? Click here: http://www.kerryburki.com/2015/06/5-days-to-feeling-more-beautiful-live-challenge-starts-next-week/

Waiting to feel content?

youareI took a break from social media and emails for the past week so I could organize the house and get rid of stuff before my kids went back to school.  I tend to start feeling overwhelmed this time of year so it really felt good to give away so much old stuff that we were no longer using.

While I was going through everything I kept thinking about how great I will feel when I was done cleaning and organizing the house.

Then I came across a article about Santosha among my yoga papers. Santosha is Sanskrit for contentment.

The article talked about how we are all trying to obtain contentment by thinking things similar to:

“I will be happy when

– my salary is larger.”

– I lose 10 pounds.”

– I go on vacation.”

– this rough patch is over.”

– when I get my house organized.”

The thing is, once you reach a “when” another one just pops up. And, honestly, probably 5 more.

The article went on to say that the key to creating that happiness we are looking for means being content with your home, car, belongings, money, health, friends, job and family.

Sounds easy, right? Ha! But it sure gives you a lot to think about doesn’t it?

How can you take something that you considered a negative and see it in a more positive light?

Here are some of my examples:

1. Feeling behind on emails and projects because I spent a lot of time with my kids this summer.


Feeling grateful to have kids, feeling lucky to have the opportunity to spend so much time with them, feeling excited that I have projects and ideas to work on and people to email about bringing them to life.

2. Worrying about the health of family members and friends.


Feeling blessed that I have people in my life to be concerned about and that their health isn’t worse than it is.

3. Waiting to be happy once all of the organizing I have/want to get done is done.


Feeling grateful that I have all these items to organize, feeling fortunate enough to have received a lot of them as gifts and that I have a lovely home in which to organize.

So, this is my challenge to you. Think about your “I’ll be happy when…” and try to put a positive spin on it. Write it down if that feels good. Smile at the fact that you can see the good in your current situation.

Does this sound nice but leave you still wanting a bit more? Good! Then you will love my favorite part of the article:

Being content with what you have does not mean you cannot discriminate and seek to progress in life. It doesn’t mean that you should not use your willpower and fulfill your plans. 

Life is meant to be lived joyously.

It does not mean that you should not become upset while you are striving toward your goals, frustrated or unhappy if you do not get what you want. The best striving is to keep pushing along the natural unfoldment of positive trends and events in your life, your family life and your business.

Contentment is working within your means with what is available to you, living within your income, being grateful for what you have, and not unhappy over what you lack.

Practicing contentment, or santosha, would be finding happiness with what you have… with your lot in life. Of course, you can work to improve it! The purpose of contentment is to help you see that you are exactly where you are to be right now. Know that there is something to learn from everything, everyone, and every experience that crosses your path.

So go after your dreams, feel your feelings, find the beauty in your life and learn the lessons presented to you.

It wont always be easy but I’ll be doing it right along side you and it will be worth it!

If you want extra encouragement to seeking contentment then join my private Facebook group. I’ll be sharing articles and posts to help you discover the beauty in your current situation. XO!

I am creating a magazine! 1st photoshoot + info inside!

magCollageI am so excited to announce that I am working on creating a magazine! I actually held the first photoshoot at my house about two weeks ago and it was a huge success!

I have wanted to start a magazine that showed more of the beautiful people I see in my everyday life ever since I was in grade school. I used to stare at a collage I made of supermodels like Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlingington and berate myself for not looking like them. Magazines rarely made me feel good about myself. I remember them making me wish I was more like the people in them.

I would wish I didn’t have freckles or was skinnier or didn’t have curly hair.

IMG_0963What a waste of time! We are all so beautiful and I know that I see beauty in others where they see flaws. I began to I finally began to think “Why not me?” – Now I feel like I am ready to make this magazine come true. I asked Jennifer Lind Schutsky Art and Photography to help me with the project.

I thought I would start with a photoshoot of women wearing something that makes them feel beautiful.

I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I would get since I was asking them to step out of their comfort zone and in front of the camera. I asked for volunteers on Facebook and loved the response! I even had people messaging me saying that they did not like their photo being taken but they just really wanted to be a part of this project.
IMG_0975I was so nervous and excited the day of the photoshoot. I was hoping for 5 women including myself and ended up with 14! They came and shared themselves in the most loving and unselfish ways. They opened up about feeling beautiful or not ever feeling beautiful. They learned about each other and nodded their heads in agreement when others were talking. They laughed and cheered and smiled. They came and went over 3 hours.

It was one of the best experiences of my life!

There is nothing I have done that has had the feeling of this afternoon photoshoot with a group of women who did not know each other. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 and on the right track. I even had one women tell me after that it was the first time she felt beautiful in a long time!

IMG_0930magrenThe first issue will be out in September! You will have an opportunity to discover more about these women and what makes them feel beautiful. Other features I’ve lined up are:

  • a simple recipe
  • a handmade artist feature
  • a home decor inspiration
  • a restorative yoga pose
  • best music from summer festivals”
  • book review

If you would like to get involved or have a suggestion of what you would like to see in a magazine like this this please shoot me an email at [email protected]. I will also be looking for advertisers at a discounted rate for this first issue too. More info to come!


mag2My goal is that this magazine will have you feeling like you are hanging out with good friends. You will smile, feel nurtured, be inspired and most of all feel good about yourself. 

I have decided that photoshoot like this one will be a part of each issue. I also plan on developing a workshop or retreat around the photoshoot too since it was such an amazing experience. I can already see myself traveling to other cities to meet more amazing women to feature in the magazine.

IMG_0916My theme for this month was “I relax into the flow of life.”

For me that meant to stop resisting a dream of mine, to stop thinking I am not worthy of creating something like this magazine and to get out of my own d*mn way!

I am going to work hard but also relax into this new direction knowing that if I can help people feel better about themselves then they are more likely to go out and do more good in the world.
mag7The magazine will be released online and when it is a success I plan on doing a Kickstarter to get it in print. I am so excited!

The photos here are the candid phone photos from that day. You can also see a few of the professional ones on Jennifer Lind Schutsky Art and Photography’s Facebook page!

I want to thank Jennifer for saying yes to working with me and I want to thank all of the women who enthusiastically volunteered to share their beauty.

3 Day Challenge Plus Printables + Screensavers

relaxintoimageSince it is summer and so many people are taking vacations or working summer hours or are on summer break I thought the theme for this month being “I relax into the flow of life” would be perfect.

It turns out that summer is not going so smoothly or relaxed for a lot of people I know. They have told me how hard it has been to relax into the flow when it seems like life is throwing some heavy stuff their way.

This week I have decided to create a 3 day challenge to help you dig a little deeper in a short amount of time so you really can relax into the flow of life no matter what is coming at you. This challenge will start today on social media and in my Facebook group. I hope you join in! The best part is that you can do it anytime!

Day 1:

Take 5 to 10 minutes to think about areas in your life where you are not relaxing into the flow of life – examples: worrying about something out of your control, trying to force a certain outcome of a situation, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Be specific. 

Now I want you to notice how you feel. Crummy, scared, upset, sad, guilty?

Inhale deeply and say “I relax into the flow of life” on your exhale. Continue doing that while starting to make shoulder circles. These shoulder circles can help you start releasing tension associated with these areas that you are struggling with.

Not enough? If you are feeling pretty intense consider punching pillows, screaming, crying or working out. Then come back and try this exercise.

(Day 1 Video plus a shorter (funnier) version)

Day 2:

Today you are going to do the yoga sequence challenge for this month. You can do a short bit or the whole thing.

It is hard to relax or find solutions to life’s problems when we are carrying a lot of tension. Notice how your body starts to feel a bit looser and lighter after the sequence.

Take the quiet time at the end of the sequence to brainstorm some ways you can move forward with your current situation. Usually when we release some stress it allows us space both mentally and physically to start to find the answers we need. Be open to ideas that come up. Write them down if needed.

Day 3:

Visualize yourself relaxing into the flow of life. Take a moment to close your eyes and see what life would look like with you handing those tough areas with more ease. Picture what your life would look like with those issues resolved. See yourself in your ideal future. Write it down if you like. Keep saying “I relax into the flow of life” while you are visualizing. The clearer you get the easier it will be to see the steps needed to get there. Have fun! (Check out the short video for Day 3!)

Repeat these as often as needed!

You can use the hashtags #kbfeelgoodchallenge – #gowiththeflow3day #irelaxintotheflowoflife (I really need to come up with shorter hashtags!).

Here are some printables and screen savers to help you along the way:




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