July Challenge: I relax into the flow of life

irelaxintotheflowoflifeHello darlings! So we are halfway through 2015 and I hope you are loving every minute! It is summertime and I feel like this time of year can be a bit crazy for everyone. School is out, vacations are planned and schedules are different. We have been doing something different almost every night around here which is such a stark contrast to the school year now that I have a child with homework.

I feel that the best way to truly enjoy this time is to relax and go with the flow. Such a perfect theme for summer!

Do you want to?

  • relax

  • enjoy the moment

  • release tension 

  • make room for creativity

  • get energized

  • go with the flow

  • feel good about yourself

Hooray! Then this challenge is for you! I created a short yoga sequence that will help you achieve all of the above plus release tightness in your back and shoulders which I feel is crucial to help you truly relax and go with the flow.

I broke the video up in 4 short parts. Meaning you can do the first movement and be done or you can do all 4. Just watch the video and you will see!

This is perfect for anytime of day and I also wanted it to be one you can do while traveling.

So your challenge this month is…


I relax into the flow of life

– You are going to say this out loud and to yourself as often as possible. When things are going smoothly and you are enjoying summer be sure to say it. When you are stuck in holiday traffic or tired of the heat be sure to say it. Take deep inhales and say it as you exhale. Allow your shoulders and face to relax as you say it. Smile when you say. Then do it: relax into the flow of life.

Do this yoga sequence at least once a week!

– Remember you can also do it multiple times a day. While you are breathing and moving through the sequence repeat your affirmation. The best part is you won’t even need the video after watching it a few times.

***Listen to your body and only do what feel good. If you have any injuries that this sequence will aggravate then please consult with your doctor. You might like to watch the video first. The last pose is a bit more advanced. Don’t worry if you are not at this point yet. Everyone will get the same benefits from practicing this sequence.***

Okay! Let’s do this! You can see the video here, in my Facebook group and on my Youtube channel. I would love to know if you participate in this challenge and/or how it makes you feel. Please feel free to email me at [email protected], leave a comment here or get in touch on social media.

I will be checking in on this challenge with my Facebook group so if you haven’t joined yet you can now!

Enjoy July and enjoy relaxing into the flow of life!


5 days to feeling more beautiful! Live challenge starts next week!

beautiful5Did you just say the words above? I hope so because they can be powerful!

I decided to challenge myself to feel more beautiful this month by telling myself “I am beautiful” multiple times a day. I also extended this challenge to my Facebook group.

This was hard at the beginning but by replacing the negative things I usually say about myself with these 3 words has truly made me feel more beautiful, less stressed and lighter. I have never really had something to replace those negative thoughts with before. They were usually followed with things like:

  • you need to eat better
  • you need to exercise more
  • you need to get more sleep

Then I would feel like I had a lot of weight on my shoulders because apparently I had a lot of things to change in order to feel beautiful. Now that I tell myself I am beautiful (and repeat if my mind tries to contradict me) I actually feel like that weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Sure, I still want to eat better, exercise more and get more sleep but it doesn’t mean that I can’t feel beautiful right now. 

I am so happy to learn that I have more control over my day to day happiness than I thought.

You have this power too.

I want to challenge you to saying “I am beautiful” 5 days in a row. Just saying it can be hard so I am giving you a little guide: 

Day 1

Look into the mirror and say “I am beautiful.” This is the hardest one! You might need to do it fast and walk away and that is OKAY! You might start with “I am willing to feel beautiful.” Another option is to say it in another language. In French it is “Je suis belle.”

Day 2

Go for a walk even if it is just around a building – if you are in Arizona you might need to do this super early or really late :) – While walking say “I am beautiful” at least two times. Take a moment to notice something beautiful on your walk like a flower, a mountain or a cool breeze.

Day 3

Take short break during your day to raise your arms over head and stretch. While stretching say “I am beautiful” at least 3 times. Notice how moving your body feels. Don’t be upset if you are super tight. Instead be happy that you are moving and releasing some of that tightness. Easy stretches are a simple way to release tension which can help you feel beautiful.

Day 4

Before falling asleep at night take a moment in bed to say to yourself “I am beautiful” at least 4 times. You can also say you are thankful for a beautiful day and looking forward to a beautiful tomorrow.

Day 5

Crank up the tunes! Put on one of your favorite songs to dance to and dance! While dancing say “I am beautiful” at least 5 times. Enjoy! Be happy that your body can dance. Be happy that you have a favorite song. Don’t judge, just dance!

Repeat as often as you like!

I guarantee that you will feel more beautiful by the end of the 5 days. Any time you need a little pick me up do just one of these.

Would like to do this with me? Then join my Facebook group #kbfeelgoodchallenge! I will be posting a reminder and short video each day of next week starting on Monday. I would love it if you shared: 

  • how the challenge makes you feel
  • photos or videos of you doing the challenge
  • invited friends to join – the more the merrier :)
  • the hashtags #kbfeelgoodchallenge #iambeautiful #iambeautiful5daychallenge #kerryburki so I can cheer you on! 

I believe that if we change our negative thoughts to ones that make us feel good then we will be able to create so much positive change in the world!!

See you on Monday! XO!


Summer Projects + Summer Movies – Free Watercolor Printable

summer1It’s summer! It has been warm in Arizona for a while now and my boys have been out of school for a few weeks. I am someone who starts out with big plans but does not see all of them through. I wanted to take some of the extra time I have this summer to work on some projects and to watch some good movies. My usual problem is that I talk about all of the projects and movies but never write them down so when I actually have the time I end up just watching tv. Not this summer!

I have created 2 sets of printables to help keep track of the projects I want done and the movies I want to watch. I have included my family in on the fun too. They have been happily adding to the list.


So far on my lists are:

Summer projects:

  • Wall map – my husband received a huge wall map that we want to mount and frame with painted moulding. Can’t wait!
  • Tips from my parents – I want to create a list of advice from my parents to put in a booklet, scrapbook or frame. I might end up with a printable for this too.
  • POOL sign – we want to make a light-up sign that says POOL by our pool. Definitely need to do some research on this one.
  • Stuffed animal clothes – my boys have tons of stuffed animals and they have asked for little shirts for them. I have tons of extra fabric and just need to make a pattern. Cute!
  • Little pennants – I want to make little pennants with saying on them like “Smile” and “I love you” to hang around the house.
  • DIY lip scrub – it is dry here in the summer and I want to make my own moisturizing lip scrub to use daily.
  • Plants in every room – I hoping to have at least one plant in every room by the end of summer. Then I will have to set reminders to water them. Lol!

Summer movies:

  • Aladdin – my boys have been wanting to watch this forever so we are on the hunt to find it!
  • E.T. – my husband is pretty excited that my older son is ready for this classic.
  • Billy Wilder’s One, Two, Three – I bought a poster for this at the Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago years ago and was told it is a great movie.
  • The Apartment – Jack Lemmon in New York City and I am sold!
  • Double Indemnity – This movie is so famous and I have never seen it.
  • His Girl Friday – When I was hired at the 5 & Diner after high school my nickname was Friday after this movie because I was going to have different jobs around the restaurant. I have been meaning to watch it ever since.
  • Roman Holiday – An Audrey Hepburn movie that I have never seen!

What will be on your list? Happy summer!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.43.21 AM

Get your Summer Projects + Summer Movie Free Watercolor Printable here!



Want to feel beautiful?


Do you know you are as beautiful as these flowers? Do you ever tell yourself that? Try it. Say ‘I am beautiful.’ Don’t just say it once. Repeat as often as needed. Especially when you find yourself saying the opposite. You are beautiful. I believe it. Now it is your turn to start believing it.

I shared this photo and quote earlier this week on social media hoping to get people to tell themselves that they are beautiful. We often spend time telling ourselves something similar to:

“I hate my stomach”

“Ugh, I wish I had better hair”

“I will feel beautiful when I lose 10 pounds”

Does this sound familiar? If we constantly think of others as beautiful while only thinking negatively about ourselves then it will be very hard to feel beautiful.

How can you feel beautiful if you never think it or tell yourself that you are?

Say it with me:

I am beautiful

You are talking about your body, mind and soul here. You are not being vain. You are not thinking you are better than anyone else. You are just changing your thoughts.

Trust me, the more you start to say this to yourself, the more beautiful you will feel.

If you want to challenge yourself to say this regularly then please join my #feelgoodchallenge group on Facebook. I will be helping you say this with confidence for the rest of the month of June!


I also created some printables for my shop. You can get the quote “I am Beautiful” in 5 colors. The bundle is priced at $4.oo but you can get it for 50% off for the rest of this week. (until Sunday, June 7th)

Click here to get yours!

You are beautiful and trust me when I say that you will have a more beautiful life the more you remind yourself of this.. XO!


Win Free Tickets To Pineapple Triangle!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.51.36 AM^ click above for more info ^

I am so happy to be a part of Pineapple Triangle‘s AZ Share That You Care event on Saturday, May 30th at The Croft Downtown. This bi-annual event has over 50 vendors that will be donating at least 20% of their proceeds to local charities. You can also stop by to enjoy local music, food trucks and much more.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.52.19 AMMy friend Cassie of Zenned Out Jewelry with me at the vendor meetup this week

I will be selling my aromatherapy eye pillows along with my intention necklaces. I am also working on a little something extra for those who stop by my booth!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.32.57 AM

I am giving away 2 tickets ($10 value) to this event on Instagram (<<<click there). So head over to tag a friend and enter for a chance to win.


For those that are not local, I will be sure to share my little surprise with you on here soon. XO!